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3 Tips for Increasing Caregiver Quality and Accountability

in-home caregiverHomecare agency owners and administrators are in a unique position of having to manage employees whose primary place of work is in the homes of clients. With only one set of hands and eyes, administrators are typically required to work from their office while simultaneously overseeing the work of employees in the field.

Employing a few simple tactics and processes can allow homecare administrators to ensure that caregivers serve your clients with quality care.

1. Keep Care Plans Up-to-Date
Caregivers are more likely to keep on task when they have a care plan that specifies the needs of their clients. By taking advantage of features within home care software, administrators are able to update care plans on a continual basis, giving caregivers an updated care plan for each and every visit. ClearCare home care software, for example, allow home care administrators to log-in to the care plan for a particular client and shift and add or remove tasks with just a few clicks of the mouse. Add a new medication reminder, or remove a cancelled appointment in seconds.

2. Require Mobile Task Check-Ins
Supervising employees that work out of your sight can present a challenge. How do you, and your client’s families, know what caregivers are doing during their shifts? Home care systems ensure that caregivers know they have supervision from a distance and ensure that the care plans of clients are being fulfilled accordingly. ClearCare home care software provide real-time updates to home care administrators and client families as caregivers check off tasks within the care plan, or provide a reason for why a task was skipped. Keeping employees accountable is integral to maintaining a high level of productivity and providing stellar service to your customers.

3. Equip Caregivers With Knowledge
Knowledge is power, and arming your caregivers with the proper knowledge to manage their work will help ensure that caregivers are able to remain productive in challenging situations. Offer caregiver training courses that provide ideas for fun senior activities that are mentally stimulating during down time, or education about how to deal with agitated clients. By having a few tips and tricks in their pocket, caregivers will be able to navigate difficult situations while still providing the required care to your clients.

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