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3 Ways ClearCare Fosters Transparency

images-13When it comes to being upfront with your customers, there is likely no industry that requires businesses to be more upfront with their clients than in-home care. Sharing information with homecare clients and their loved ones is imperative not only for the care of the senior, but transparency with consumers can also help build a positive reputation for your agency that will undoubtedly help you stand out in a rapidly growing industry.

What is transparency?
Many homecare agencies want to be open with their customers, but wonder what exactly constitutes transparency. Do your clients have quick, easy access to care logs for themselves or their loved ones? Do clients know which caregivers will be coming to their homes? Are they aware of the basics of how you manage and supervise caregivers? Do invoices offer detailed information on what a client is being billed for?

Each of the questions above could be included as part of an agency’s overall transparency. And while most agencies would like to answer “yes” to all of the above questions, they often don’t know how to put processes in place that allow them to do so.

How ClearCare Homecare Software Helps Agency Transparency
1. Family Room Access:
The most obvious feature included with ClearCare Online homecare software and homecare system is the ability of agencies to grant “Family Room” access to clients and their loved ones. Here, family caregivers can log in to view care logs, voice comments, task completion records and clock in and out times of caregivers in real time. That’s a form of communication with clients that a homecare system can offer that just can’t be done with paper carelogs.

2. Integrated Invoicing:
ClearCare Online’s homecare software and homecare system helps agencies create invoices based off of real time clock-ins and clock-outs from caregivers in the field. This allows detailed invoices showing exactly what clients are being billed for – and often building client confidence in an agency’s honesty in billing.

3. Open Management Practices
It should be no secret to your clients that you are using a homecare software or homecare system like ClearCare Online. With demo pages available to show clients, you can explain how the technology of a homecare software helps you better manage your agency. Clients will know how your homecare system helps you pair caregivers and clients, ensure caregivers arrive on time and track client needs and caregiver certifications.

A sense of transparency can help turn prospects into clients and clients into longterm, loyal clientele. With a commitment to honesty and the help of a homecare software or homecare system, like ClearCare Online, transparency can be in your reach.

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