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3 Ways ClearCare Helps Build Referral Networks

home care systemYour referral sources are important. Like that friend who always knows the best place to eat in town, your referral sources are people and organizations who you always want to keep around.

But when you’re running your home care agency and/or overseeing all business operations, keeping track of your referral source relationships can be difficult. At ClearCare, we understand the need to track and build referral networks to grow your business. That is why our home care software and home care system is equipped with tools to help you manage your referral sources. Below are 3 examples of how ClearCare’s home care system can help build your referral networks.

  1. Organize your information: It’s almost impossible to build your pool of referral sources when it’s far from being organized. With ClearCare’s home care software, it’s simple to view and access all of your referral sources in one easy space. Easily navigate the number of people who they have referred, their contact information, and any important notes about them. When you have established a foundation for organizing and tracking referral source information in ClearCare’s home care system, you can easily build and strengthen your referral networks.
  2. Never forget a conversation: As a home care agency, you’ve probably had multiple conversations with your referral sources. But do you remember each conversation you’ve bad with them? Sure, you can sift through your inbox to find that one email, or you can collect all of the meeting notes logged in your smart phone. But then it can become overwhelmingly difficult to refer back to your conversations, especially when you have many of them to remember and many of them to track.ClearCare’s home care software makes this problem go away. You can send and receive messages through ClearCare and have all of those messages documented under each referral source profile. Additionally, you can still take meetingnotes in your smart phone. However, you would be able to log those notes in ClearCare’s home care system, keeping all of your conversations in one place. When this happens, building your referral networks and strengthening relationships would come much easier for you.

3. Print mailing labels for letters: Nothing is more personal than sending a referral source a Thank You note or holiday greeting card. But if you need to send letters to many of your referral sources, going through each profile in ClearCare to find their address can be extremely tedious. Not only that, but having to write out each referral’s address can take a toll on your time that could be spent managing your business.


That is why ClearCare’s home care software provides agencies with printable mailing labels for all of your referral sources. Having these labels available speeds up the process of sending personalized letters to your referrals, and allows you to easily build each referral source network for your business.


ClearCare’s home care software has a wide range of functionality to help grow and manage your business. Think about what you need to help build your referral networks, and ClearCare’s home care system will help meet those needs and exceed your expectations.

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