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3 Ways ClearCare Home Care System Gives Administrators More Time

home care systemGrowing your home care agency can be incredibly time-consuming. From scheduling to management issues to processing payroll, there’s no question that agency administrators bear many responsibilities. Fortunately, with the right home care management solution – such as ClearCare’s home care system - agency administrators can stay completely organized and enjoy more free time.

ClearCare’s home care system and home care software will completely revolutionize your agency’s workflow and save you valuable time. Working with ClearCare allows you to customize your home care system to meet your specific needs, which gives you an opportunity to concentrate on marketing and promoting your business. Here are just 3 ways your home care software can benefit you and your agency.

1. Schedule shifts in minutes. A reliable scheduling system is a key element of any home care agency’s success. Your agency needs to be able to depend on its software day after day, year after year. With ClearCare’s home care system, scheduling is not only completely trustworthy, it is easier than ever before. ClearCare puts the information you need right at your fingertips so you can schedule shifts with ease and efficiency.

2. Problem-solve more efficiently. ClearCare’s home care software includes a “live-view” interface that allows you to identify where each of your caregivers should be at all times. If you notice a caregiver has not yet clocked into her shift, you can message her instantly to find out why. Since all communications are documented for future reference, you will have a record of which caregivers may need additional training or attention.

3. Quickly process billing and payroll. In order for your home care software to work for you, it needs to be fully functional in all aspects of home care management – including billing and payroll. With ClearCare’s home care system, agency administrators can review past shifts, make corrections, and add completed care logs all on the same page. With seamless QuickBooks integration, administrators can process their accounting in fewer steps and keep flawless records.

ClearCare’s in-depth industry knowledge and track record of innovation is unmatched by any other home care system. Our comprehensive web-based software allows you to better manage your agency from the initial client meeting all the way through payment. This solution gives you the ability to make smarter business decisions, spend your time more wisely, and take your business to the next level.

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