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3 Ways Home Care Software Helps Administrators Manage Employees

caregiver managementTell your neighbor to water the plants when you’re gone, and it doesn’t happen. Tell your kid to do their chores, and it doesn’t happen. Tell your spouse to buy all items on the grocery list, and that doesn’t happen. Admittedly, managing one person can be difficult, but managing a whole staff of people can be even more complicated!

That is why many home care agencies (both big and small) are switching to home care systems and home care software to better manage their working caregivers and personnel. Home care systems and software like ClearCare simplify the employee management process with its unique and innovative features. Here are 3 ways in which ClearCare’s unique home care software can help agencies manage their caregivers:

1. Keep an eye on late employees. Given the nature of home care agencies, it is difficult to keep track of caregivers arriving late or on-time to work when work is located outside the office. However, a home care software, such as ClearCare, is connected to its unique telephony system, which not only allows caregivers to clock-in to their shifts, but also alerts administrators when caregivers have not clocked in on time. Additionally, administrators can pull reports to track which employees have been habitually late to work so that corrective action can be taken.

2. Employee personnel file items. Making sure all employee certifications and credentials are on file and up to date can be quite overwhelming. With a home care software and home care system, this task can become one less thing to worry about. ClearCare allows home care agencies to not only record all personnel file items in one convenient space, but to also receive notifications when certifications are about to expire. These notifications can help ensure that all personnel file items are kept up to date and that work is not assigned to an employee who is no longer certified to perform a job.

3. Know which employees to assign to particular clients. Everyone has their preferences, and home care agencies know that there are some caregivers who particular clients like or dislike. With an innovative home care system, such as ClearCare, administrators can identify which caregivers are preferred and not preferred by a particular client. This unique system ensures that non-preferred caregivers never get scheduled with a certain client, otherwise causing major conflict and discomfort. Being able to identify client-preferred employees empowers home care agencies to better manage their caregivers and to schedule them accordingly without mistakenly sending them to clients who would prefer assistance from another employee.

There is no reason for home care agencies to go through any more trouble than necessary to manage their employees when home care systems like ClearCare exist to do the managing for them. With its innovative features, ClearCare’s home care system and home care software can keep administrators up to date and organized so that even hundreds of caregivers won’t appear so daunting to manage.

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