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3 Ways Home Care Software Helps Traveling Caregivers

seniorsonbikesFrom beginning to end, vacations are fun and exciting. Choosing a destination, making the preparations and reliving the trip through photographs once you’ve returned home – the entire event is a joy. It should be a joy, anyway. Unfortunately for some seniors and their caregivers, traveling is more of a frustrating burden than anything else. Without proper organization, preparations can get overwhelming, travel dates and times can get confusing, and the trip itself can be stressful. How can a robust homecare system or homecare software make travel more enjoyable for seniors and their caregivers? Let’s discuss three ways.

1. Stay on schedule. As we mentioned, staying organized is a key element of stress-free travel. Traveling caregivers who use a sophisticated homecare system or homecare software such as ClearCare Online can easily track important dates and travel information. A reliable scheduling tool ensures that the caregivers are where they are meant to be at all times. Details about car rentals or flights can all be entered into ClearCare Online’s web-based homecare system and accessed from any computer or mobile device.

2. Maintain set routines. Caring for seniors often involves strict routines. Medications, meals, and exercise therapies all have a designated time. Just because the senior may be on vacation doesn’t mean he should ignore his daily routines. Caregivers using a dependable homecare system like ClearCare Online can set task reminders for all daily activities. In addition, caregivers will always have access to their client’s specific care needs with their homecare software. This eliminates any confusion regarding their patient’s health, medications, or other important details.

3. Keep connected. Using innovative technology like a homecare system or homecare software allows seniors and their caregivers to keep in touch with family members, physicians, or other members of the care team. Family members can log into a secure portal to view daily activities and care notes even while their loved ones are miles away. If any concerns arise while on the trip, caregivers can easily reach the home care agency or an emergency contact with a reliable messaging system.

Traveling should be a pleasure, not a burden. With ClearCare Online’s intuitive homecare software, seniors and their caregivers can enjoy a relaxing vacation and return home refreshed and renewed

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