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3 Ways to Be a Top Provider of Alzheimer's Care

Alzheimer's careCaring for an Alzheimer’s patient involves specialized services that differ from other aspects of home care. In general, individuals with Alzheimer’s need more specific, structuralized care by qualified caregivers who have been adequately trained in Alzheimer’s care. If your agency is interested in becoming a reputable provider of Alzheimer’s home care, these three tips will help you bring your agency up to standard.

Proper Training for Caregivers

Without a doubt, the most important criterion a family looks for in a caregiver is quality, particularly from adequate training. Safety is a critical issue when providing Alzheimer’s care. Your caregiver should be properly trained in:

• Handling eating/feeding challenges
• Effective communication
• Dealing with repetitive behaviors
• Helping with toileting and bathing
• Reacting to a patient who wanders
• Using ClearCare’s homecare software to keep track of all essential daily tasks

Experts agree that the biggest challenge caregivers face is understanding the Alzheimer’s patient’s needs. Communication breakdown contributes significantly to excess disability, so it’s vital that your caregivers have been sufficiently trained in this area. The better prepared your agency is to handle Alzheimer’s care, the more satisfied clients you will have.

Utilizing Networking Referrals
The Alzheimer’s Association is dedicated to providing support and education for caregivers, so every Alzheimer’s care agency should be in close contact with their local chapter.

Becoming involved with your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter, or similar local organizations, benefits you in several ways. First of all, it provides excellent training opportunities for your caregivers – which are invaluable in this industry. Secondly, you will easily being building connections within the Alzheimer’s organization to get referrals for potential clients.

Your ClearCare homecare software will be an essential part of your networking strategy. Your homecare software is custom branded, so when you provide access to clients or referral sources, ClearCare’s system becomes a solid part of the value that your agency provides.

Offering Clients Reliable Homecare Software

To really have an edge over the competition, your agency should be using a robust homecare software, such as that offered by ClearCare. When a ClearCare agency goes head-to-head with a non-ClearCare agency, the ClearCare agency will win every time because it gives family members complete peace of mind.

The dependable homecare software provided by ClearCare is especially useful for Alzheimer’s care. Not only does it save the caregiver time, it eliminates any ambiguity regarding the patient’s care. Caregivers will always know what their daily tasks are and can update the agency and family members – in real-time – when these tasks are completed.

Integrating these three tips into your business strategy will quickly propel your Alzheimer’s care agency to the top. Are you taking steps to win more Alzheimer’s homecare clientele? If so, drop us a comment and share your strategies!

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