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3 Ways to Cut Costs Without Compromising Service

homecare administrationReducing the administrative costs of your homecare agency increases profit without forcing dramatic rises in the costs to your clients. However, cutting costs is often associated with cutting service and viewed as having a potentially negative effect on business. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

If executed correctly, cutting the costs of managing your homecare business (such as by implementing home care systems) can actually improve the quality of service to your clients.

Here are some tips to follow:

1. Streamline communication with caregivers & clients via home care software.
Take advantage of the home care software features offered by companies such as ClearCare to keep in touch with your clients and caregivers – even when you don’t have the time to pick up the phone or write emails yourself. Alerts can be set to notify caregivers of upcoming shifts via text or email, while clients and their families can be granted access to log-in and see what tasks have been completed in the course of care.

2. Eliminate paper care logs and care journals.
Paper care logs or journals can take an enormous amount of time to manage as well as storage space. After caregivers have completed paper care logs for each shift, administrative staff still needs to collect the logs, review them and store the logs for future reference. With electronic care logs offered through ClearCare home care system, administrators can create and edit logs with the same ease as composing an email, and monitor care plan progress as caregivers update task from the field via telephony or mobile tablet. The completed logs are stored within the home care software, and easily accessible for review at any time.

3. Manage billing, payroll and time tracking all in one place.
Payroll and billing can literally take days out of your accounting staff’s work schedule. Meanwhile, entering data into accounting software from timesheets leaves plenty of room for error. By utilizing a home care system that tracks caregiver clock-in and clock-out times, then exports the information to Quickbooks accounting software allows you to significantly streamline the payroll and billing process. Home care software such as ClearCare gives home care owners the power to view accounting reports and take control of financial procedures that can be major time consumers.

In the new year, new management strategies and home care systems can help you improve service, increase profits and win new clientele. What will you be doing to cut costs and raise the bar for your standard of service? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts!

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