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3 Ways to Keep Quality Caregivers on Your Staff

in home caregiverResearch conducted by Leading Home Care revealed home care agencies that recruit and select the best caregivers are more apt to grow faster, have higher client satisfaction ratings, and earn more profits.

Agencies that keep quality caregivers receive invaluable word-of-mouth advertising from happy clients, and also spend less time dealing with troublesome employee issues. Operating costs are reduced while revenue increases. On the other hand, if your agency experiences a high turnover rate, it’s easy to lose money - as well as clients.

Utilizing ClearCare’s exceptional home care system and home care software will give your agency an advantage when it comes to keeping quality caregivers on staff, as well as help satisfy more clients.

1. Hold Regular Staff Meetings. Now that you’ve gone through the trouble of hiring qualified caregivers, you want to make regular staff meetings a priority in your business. Many companies fail to understand the importance of communication between employer and employee – which typically leads to failure in general. For staff meetings to be effective, administrators need to be effective speakers and listeners. Ask for honest feedback and commend caregivers when appropriate. Use ClearCare’s reliable home care system to schedule your meetings and remind you of what information you want to cover.

2. Use Home Care Software Scheduling Tools. One of the major reasons caregivers quit agencies is due to scheduling frustrations. Avoid this issue by using a home care system for all your scheduling and organizing needs. Keep your caregivers’ certifications up-to-date, notify multiple providers when shifts are available, and manage schedules easier than ever before with this web-based home care software.

3. Utilize Caregiver Training Programs. More satisfied clients means more shift opportunities for your caregivers. An excellent way to ensure your business is drawing in clients (thus filling your caregivers’ hours) is by offering capable, quality caregivers. This is accomplished when you arrange training programs for your caregivers. Again, a home care system and home care software, like ClearCare, will be there to help. Set alerts and reminders for the training program schedules and keep your caregivers informed. Track progress and customer feedback also with your home care software.

A high turnover rate is identified as a “limiting factor” in your business’s growth. Don’t limit your business with the hassle of recruiting new caregivers; work diligently to keep the ones you have. Ask a ClearCare representative how a quality home care system and home care software program can help you do just that.

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