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3 Ways Your Home Care Agency Can Benefit from a Telephony System

elder care communicationAs a home care agency administrator, you want to offer your clients the very best service possible. Your reputation is built on superior care provided by compassionate caregivers who go above and beyond the call of duty. But could you be missing an important key to quality care? That missing key might be telephony – an innovative feature of homecare systems and homecare software like ClearCare Online.

What is Telephony?

Telephony is a timekeeping system that is designed to verify when an in-home caregiver arrives and departs from a client’s home. Telephony requires caregivers to use the client’s home telephone to dial a toll-free number to clock in and out of their shifts. As an agency administrator, you will have visible proof that the caregiver has arrived at the client’s home and clocked in on time. With homecare systems and homecare software like ClearCare Online, you can also offer this real-time transparency to family members of your clients.

Benefits of Telephony for Home Care

Homecare systems and homecare software such as ClearCare Online give you the tools you need for accurate timekeeping and real-time visibility to patient point-of-care. A reliable telephony system alerts you when a caregiver is a no show, or is late clocking in. This helps you proactively troubleshoot problems as they arrive – rather than wait on a client to complain. Agencies also enjoy using telephony to:

  • Eliminate human error and paper timesheets
  • Increase caregiver accountability and reliability
  • Save time on billing and payroll with accurate care logs
  • Reduce over-estimated mileage
  • Assure family members that caregivers are on site on time

Using homecare systems and homecare software in association with telephony allows you to set important tasks and activities of daily living for each of your clients. The more details you give your caregivers, the better care they can provide their assigned clients. With ClearCare Online’s homecare software, assigned daily tasks will be read out to your caregivers via telephony. Caregivers must confirm completion of these tasks before they can clock out of their shift, or leave a comment explaining why they did not. This is yet another way you can provide real-time transparency for family members.

Telephony and homecare systems like ClearCare Online will help you manage your day-to-day operations, provide better quality care, quickly troubleshoot missed or late clock ins, and process billing and payroll more efficiently. Think of the satisfaction this will bring you, your caregivers and your clients!

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