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4 Ways Homecare Software Helps Active Living with Arthritis

Elderly woman chatting with younger womanSeniors that have been diagnosed with arthritis symptoms may begin to find themselves less likely to maintain an active lifestyle due to increasing pain caused by joint inflammation and swelling. However, home care and the assistance of a private duty elder care agency utilizing a robust home care software, like ClearCare, can help seniors with arthritis symptoms manage their pain and comfortably maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

1. Home care software eases medication management:
Prescription medications are a common part of a care plan for arthritis symptoms. Home care software, like ClearCare, ensures that caregivers are aware of what medications should be taken, how much, and when. Tasks for medication reminders in a home care provider’s home care software ensure that medications are taken on time to keep arthritis pain in check.

2. Activity tasks encourage seniors to remain active:
Powerful home care software, such as that available from ClearCare, keeps caregivers on-track with tasks that require check-off upon completion. With the ability to add tasks like a light walk, or stretching, home care software helps keep seniors moving with the assistance of their in-home caregiver.

3. Home care routines help boost morale:
A positive attitude will help seniors with arthritis symptoms better manage their pain. Routines can be an integral part of maintaining order and balance at any stage of life, and home care software, like ClearCare, helps your home care provider maintain routines for seniors no matter what caregiver is on duty. Activities that keep seniors with arthritis feeling good, and any changes in mood, can also be easily documented in a robust home care software.

4. Injury prevention keeps seniors with arthritis symptoms moving:
Pain caused by arthritis symptoms can cause seniors to have difficulty moving about, and may increase the risk for falls. Home care software helps home care providers note fall risks, and reminds caregivers to modify activities to keep seniors with arthritis symptoms safe from falls and experiencing minimal pain. A senior free of injury is a senior that’s able to maintain a healthy, active, fulfilling lifestyle for as long as possible!

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