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5 Innovative Ways to Win New Homecare Clients

Whether you are a start-up agency, or a well-established name in the homecare industry, finding innovative ways to attract new clientele is imperative to maintaining a stream of new business. In this post, we offer suggestions of 5 ways to find and win new business from seniors who want desperately to age in place.

1. Offer Transparency & Visibility with ClearCare Homecare Software:
ClearCare homecare software offers homecare agency owners and administrators the ability to offer prospective clients a unique service: real-time transparency during the care of senior loved ones. In-home care agencies using ClearCare will be able to assure their clients that caregivers are accountable for their work via telephony or mobile tablet check-ins. Managers are immediately notified of missed clock-ins, overlooked tasks, or changes in the course of care. Likewise, family members and other care providers for your clientele can have real-time access to care updates via secure log-ins, making your agency highly accountable; a key to great elder care service.

2. Ramp Up Your Social Networking:
Social media, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can increase visibility of your homecare agency for a minimal monetary investment. Utilizing social channels to update current and prospective clients about new caregivers, upcoming senior events and caregiving tips is a reasonable way to help establish your agency’s identity as a highly accessible and knowledgeable senior care business. For more information on utilizing social networking in your homecare business, check out our blog post here.

3. Host Caregiver Workshops
Workshops for family caregivers offer a chance for care providers to arm themselves with caregiving tips, gain information on maintaining their own wellbeing, and network with other family caregivers. Work with a local senior care expert, such a physician or geriatric care manager, to sponsor a workshop and gain visibility with family caregivers in your area. Consider offering a one-month discount for caregivers that attend the workshop and try your services.

4. Manage A Referral Network:
Building a referral network of local care managers, senior service providers, physicians and therapists can help provide a steady stream of new potential clients. However, maintaining your network requires some maintenance. Be sure to keep in touch with your referral sources, thank them for new business and provide them with regular updates on your agency. For more information on managing homecare referral networks, visit our blog post here.

5. Become A Local Elder Care Advocate:
As a business owner, make your presence known in the local elder care arena. Work with senior coalitions, the local senior center and other advocacy groups to learn more about the local senior community. Advocate for the wellbeing of current and potential clients, and position yourself as someone who doesn’t just provide elder care; but who is passionate about the wellbeing and rights of our elder population.

Have you gained any new clientele by working outside of the box? Drop us a comment and share your successes with other homecare leaders.

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