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AARP Holds Annual Spelling Bee to Keep Seniors Sharp

On August 9th, Cheyenne, WY was home to the AARP National Spelling bee; a contest designed to test the spelling prowess of seniors ages 50 and older, according to an article in the Washington Post. Seniors from across the country gathered for the national competition, with some studying for the competition by transcribing tens of thousands of flashcards, a la high school study session. While the competition is a great opportunity for seniors with an interest in spelling to keep their mind sharp and learn a new word, or 40, there are lots of other ways for seniors to work to keep their mind sharp and age with brains!

1. Word Games:
Like spelling bees, word games including crossword puzzled, word searches and scrambles can help seniors utilize and expand their vocabulary while giving their mind a workout. These games can also be done alone, giving seniors the opportunity to fill times they may otherwise be bored or inclined to watch television. And, they’re cheap! A crossword puzzle book can be purchased for less than $3, while most papers also offer a word game section daily.

2. Socialization:
Keeping in touch with others, and having an interest in being socially involved can keep seniors minds working as they remember names, relate people to their stories and remain stimulated by a change to their everyday routines. Homecare workers are a great option for socialization for seniors living at home, while a homecare software or homecare system can also help caregivers manage special socialization trips to the senior center or perhaps a weekly card game with other senior friends.

3. Board & Card Games:
Managing strategy is an ideal way to help seniors workout their minds. Board games from checkers and chess to card games of all varieties can help seniors stay sharp while also incorporating socialization and entertainment. For seniors with an in-home caregiver, note board or card game time as a task in your homecare software or homecare system to make sure that this time is given the attention it deserves.

4. Electronic Games:
While not all seniors are comfortable using online or electronic gaming devices, some may find enjoyment in learning how to use something new and benefit from online mind games. With websites like Lumosity.com growing in popularity with “brain trainers” to apps for iPad and iPhone devices designed to test your mind, there can be a great deal of fun and learning in electronic devices. Homecare agencies using a mobile tablet, like an iPad, to manage their homecare software or homecare system in the field may also find that loading some brainy senior apps on this device offers an extra service, and fun for your clients.

There are all kinds of ways to help seniors keep their minds sharp, and with the help of a robust homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare, in-home aides can help ensure that your homecare clients are given ample opportunities to exercise their brain.

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