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Aging: The Importance of Keeping it Fun

senior activitiesFor the past twenty years Addie has been an active member of her gardening club, growing tomatoes taken top prize at the County fair for ten years straight. However, after a fall outside and a hip replacement earlier this year, Addie has found herself spending less time in her beloved dirt, and more time inside with the caregiver that stops by a few times each week to help with errands and housekeeping. While Addie longs to spend more time outside, her daughter is concerned that gardening could lead to another fall and has discouraged her mom from taking part in her monthly garden club meetings. However, her daughter also wonders if keeping Addie from one of her favorite pastimes is doing more harm than good.

Aging With Fun:
Getting older doesn’t have to mean, nor should it mean, cutting out the hobbies that makes a person who they are. Although health conditions or injuries may prevent a senior from fully participating in old interests, with encouragement from family and the help of a homecare agency using a homecare system or homecare software to manage their services, seniors can continue to keep fun in their lives.

For example, in Addie’s case, time in the garden can be spent while her weekly caregiver, family or friend is at the house. A task within homecare software or a homecare system, such as ClearCare, can help hired caregivers remember to incorporate the activity into their day and take precautions to keep Addie safe.

Modifying Activity:
Sure, perhaps Addie can no longer till her own garden plot each spring, but that doesn’t mean gardening is no longer an option for her. With the help of her caregiver and friends from the garden club, it likely won’t be hard to find hands to help with the larger jobs that her body no longer allows her to do. And, with assistive devices like a sit/stand walker, Addie can safely maneuver around her garden plot and rest when need be. Raised beds allow for easier access without bending, as do potted plants – all keeping a favorite hobby alive.

A robust homecare software or homecare system, like ClearCare, can also ensure that hobbies, like gardening for Addie, once again become a regular event for seniors to look forward to. Tasks within a homecare agency’s homecare software or homecare system ensure that caregivers work with their clients to make fun a part of the care plan. And it’s amazing how much of an impact fun can have on a senior’s wellbeing.

The Benefits of Fun:
Imagine, for a moment, if you woke up tomorrow and were told it was no longer a good idea for you to partake in your favorite activities. Perhaps your love of baking, bowling, gardening or sewing was deemed no longer safe. It only seems logical that you would react emotionally; feeling perhaps angry, betrayed or discouraged. This is how many seniors feel when their favorite hobbies are seemingly “taken away” by those trying to look out for the welllbeing of a senior loved one.

However, sometimes, helping seniors keep fun at the forefront of their lives is just as an important part of care as keeping up with medications and meals. While activities may not be exactly the same, with some modification, help from a trusted homecare provider using a homecare software or homecare system to manage activities and the support of loved ones, a little fun may be just what the doctor ordered to keep the spirit young, even as the body ages.

For more ideas on activities that will keep seniors inspired and smiling, check out our blog post: “5 Fun Activities for Seniors”.

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