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Are Your Caregivers Caring for Themselves?

imgres-8Caregivers dedicate a large amount of their time to ensuring the well-being of others. As such, it is important that they actively set aside necessary time for their own self-care, making sure that their own well-being does not take the back-burner as a result of their working life. Agencies using robust home care software can help ensure that their caregivers are happy and healthy using advanced features that offer schedule reminders and tracking systems.

Shift Reminders

The top home care systems on the market, like ClearCare Online, offer shift reminders that are sent out via email and/or text to caregivers the day before their shifts. By using the messaging features of home care software agency administrators can eliminate uncertainty about schedules. Shift reminders reduce much of the stress that caregivers face, especially as shifts change. Caregivers can rest assured when they can expect a regular shift reminder from their home care system about upcoming shifts. They can also use the home care software’s caregiver portal to view schedules and client information. By providing resources for caregivers, agency administrators are doing their part to encourage healthy and happy employees.

Activity Tracking

Home care software like ClearCare Online that offers robust activity tracking allows agency administrators to keep tabs on caregiver health with regular check-ins and self-care inventory examinations. Administrators can use their home care system to manage regular appointments with employees to review self-care inventory examinations such as this one. They can even use their home care software to upload completed examinations to keep track of caregivers’ work life balance, stress levels, and more.

Caregiver Unavailability

Agencies using home care systems that offer unavailability tracking can ensure that all employees are taking sufficient time off, while all clients are continuing to receive required care. By adding caregiver unavailability to schedules, administrators can ensure that each client is well-cared for ahead of time. Family members and caregivers benefit from this home care software feature as they can rest knowing that their loved one will be safely cared for during the caregiver’s absence.

Caregivers play an extremely valuable role in the lives of their clients, and it is important that they set aside proper time to care for themselves so that they can provide the best of care for their clients! Happy caregivers make for happy clients. Home care software features like those offered by ClearCare Online help ensure that all customers and employees are healthy and cared for.

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