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Better Client-Caregiver Matching with Homecare Software

home care systemThe right caregiver-client relationship can be extremely rewarding. The lives of seniors can be significantly enriched when they spend time with a caregiver they enjoy being around. When clients and caregivers are appropriately matched, conflicts and problems are radically reduced. ClearCare Online understands how important the client-caregiver relationship is, and has developed a sophisticated homecare system to help agency administrators better match their caregivers and senior clients. The matching process may very well determine the success of the client-caregiver relationship, so reliable homecare software can be an invaluable tool in this regard.

Using Homecare Software for Matching and Scheduling

Satisfying caregiver-patient relationships do not happen automatically. Not only should a senior’s caregiver be adequately trained to meet the client’s physical needs, her personality and demeanor should be appropriate as well. As a home care agency administrator, you should be meticulous about learning each of your caregivers’ skills, certifications, and personal attributes. These details can be entered into ClearCare Online’s homecare software, and should be updated as necessary. ClearCare Online’s homecare system automatically sends alerts when certifications are up for renewal so you’ll always know your information is accurate.

Take the time to learn all about your clients as well. Ask about their preferences, community connections, religious affiliations, and established routines. Do they have cats or dogs? Do they enjoy being outdoors or playing board games? Entering this information into your homecare system helps you build a unique profile for each client. Based on this profile, you can then find the appropriate caregiver. ClearCare Online’s “Care Finder” scheduling system allows you to search for available caregivers who meet a select set of criteria. This ensures each client is paired with just the right caregiver.

Homecare software also allows caregivers to track important activities of daily living, ensuring that each senior is receiving quality care. This builds trust, which is also a key factor in developing close bonds between caregiver and client. Using a homecare system like ClearCare Online means that you can satisfy more clients, by giving them exactly what they’re looking for: reliable care from a qualified caregiver who meets their needs on every level.

Managing a home care agency can often seem like a juggling act. You’re responsible for keeping your clients and caregivers satisfied, scheduling, accounting, and a myriad of other daily tasks. How can a homecare system help you better manage your responsibilities and give you time to grow your business? Check our our recent article Equipping Your Agency to Meet Growing Demands.

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