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Caring for the Family Caregiver

imagesWith our nation’s rapidly growing senior population, most of us know someone who is a family caregiver. Countless daughters and sons, grandchildren and other relatives bear the burden of caring for older loved ones while juggling secular work and their own families. As part of the “Sandwich Generation,” these dedicated family caregivers often struggle to balance all of their responsibilities. Without help, many caregivers become overworked and overwhelmed.

One solution for the overburdened family caregiver is to find respite through a reputable home care agency – specifically one that offers a home care system like ClearCare Online. Utilizing a reliable caregiver that uses home care software to provide families with point-of-care updates gives relatives a break while still keeping them completely involved in their loved one’s daily care.

Here are a few ways family and friends can pitch in to make life easier for the family caregiver:

  • Schedule a housekeeping service
  • Run errands or pitch in with home projects
  • Drop off a meal, or have the caregiver’s family over for dinner
  • Pick up the caregiver’s children from school, or offer to baby-sit
  • Contribute materially if your finances allow

The Home Care Software Solution

The average caregiver is a 49-year old woman who dedicates at least 20 hours to caregiving, has at least one child at home, and works secularly. In addition to health problems and stress, most family caregivers suffer financially as well. Many are forced to turn down promotions because of conflicting responsibilities, while some lose their jobs completely. Home care has been the solution for countless families who face such financial difficulties. ClearCare Online’s home care software contributes to the solution by providing the most affordable home care system available.

A 2003 study of caregivers by a research team at Ohio State University discovered a significant deterioration in the health of caregivers when compared to a similar group of non-caregivers. Even more disturbing is the fact that caregivers had a 63 percent higher death rate than the control group. In 2004, a study performed by the University of California’s Department of Psychiatry reported that family caregiving can take as many as 10 years from a caregiver’s life. As these studies show, respite from family caregiving is not only recommended, it can be life-saving. Working with a home care agency that offers a home care system like ClearCare Online can be just what many families need.

Balancing a marriage, children, and work is difficult enough without adding in the added stress of eldercare. Even a short reprieve can be an incredible stress-reliever, so you will be doing your health a huge favor when you make the decision to bring in outside help. With a home care system and home care software to provide you with real-time transparency to your loved one’s point-of-care, you will be reassured of his well-being at all times.

Are the seniors in your life experiencing stress as well? Check out our recent post, Helping Seniors Manage Stress, with tips on how a home care system and home care software might benefit them.

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