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Case Study: How Schedule Genie Helps A Place at Home to Win 100% of Unemployment Claims and Grow Their Business


Even the most seasoned professionals need an assist when branching out into a new venture. In the case of Jerod Evanich, co-founder of A Place At Home elder care and senior in-home care agency, ClearCare was able to supply this entrepreneur and his team with the tools they needed to not only increase year-over-year growth, but to effectively allocate caregiver resources and fight employment claims. ClearCare’s Schedule Genie tool was able to provide for the needs of the A Place At Home team, giving them the ability to reduce time spent on scheduling caregivers, stay compliant with laws pertaining to caregiver overtime pay, and provide a layer of proof that helped them win 100% of all caregiver employment claims.

A Place At Home is an Omaha, Nebraska-based provider of professional, in-home senior care. Prior to founding the agency, Jerod had considerable entrepreneurial and management experience, and he had a personal experience that compelled him to apply that knowledge to the growing home care industry. Jerod was looking into options to keep his grandparents where they are the happiest, at home. As only one of two grandchildren, Jerod’s small family realized, there simply weren’t enough of them to meet their day to day needs. After exploring the options, he simply was not satisfied with the services that were available.

This experience prompted Jerod and his childhood friend, Dustin Distefano, to look at the home care industry -- both as a way to help the elderly and their families, as well as from a business perspective. They put together a business plan and, through their connections with a small business incubator, were introduced to Paula Howard of My Concierge Nurses. Paula’s years of nursing and health care experience provided the missing ingredient necessary to round out Jerod and Dustin’s business and financial skills. In 2012, the trio formed A Place At Home.

ClearCare: A Unique Value Proposition for A Place At Home

Although there were multiple home care agencies in Omaha, Jerod and his partners wanted to stand apart and offer something unique to families needing home care services. They began searching for productivity solutions to run their agency as efficiently and effectively as possible and to help them stand out from the competition. This is when they discovered ClearCare.

Not only did ClearCare provide the deep, yet easy to use functionality that would help them grow their business, it provided benefits like total transparency into the caregiving process to families, doctors, and other care providers. A suite of robust features, such as ClearCare’s Schedule Genie, helped A Place At Home make the most of its personnel, reducing the amount of time spent scheduling caregivers and gathering resources to efficiently combat erroneous caregiver employment claims. ClearCare was a huge differentiator for A Place at Home. In early 2012, they were the only home care agency in the state using the platform.

While ClearCare helped give A Place At Home a unique value proposition, the challenge of running and growing a start-up agency remained. Equipped with a full arsenal of features, ClearCare gave Jerod the ability to run nearly all aspects of the fledgling agency from just one platform.

“ClearCare’s onboarding team really helped us get up to speed on the features, as well as get the system set up to our specifications. Plus, their customer support team has been invaluable in helping us optimize ClearCare over time.”

From scheduling to marketing to billing and payroll, the robust functionality of ClearCare helped A Place at Home set a consistent year-over-year growth trajectory -- crucial to agencies with less than five years as an established market presence.

Answering Home Care Agencies’ Challenges

ClearCare’s new Schedule Genie feature helped A Place At Home clear several major hurdles. Its 2-Way Messaging enabled them to send caregivers bulk messages offering open shifts and see which caregivers accepted or turned down those shifts.

Jerod noted that “picking up the phone and trying to fill a shift can be difficult since many people don’t always respond to a call right away. When time is of the essence, it’s great to be able to send a text or email and communicate with people in a way where they’re more likely to respond.”

This feature has also been crucial in fighting unemployment claims. Without proper documentation, unemployment claims can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars. Because Schedule Genie documents all communications between the agencies and their caregivers in one central location, A Place At Home has never lost an unemployment claim.

Schedule Genie has also enabled A Place At Home and their caregivers to track time on-site, shifts, mileage, and overtime. Schedule Genie’s Overtime Alerts warned Jerod and his team when a caregiver would go into overtime. And it helped the agency remain compliant with recent changes to Department of Labor laws concerning caregivers and overtime.

Looking Ahead

When asked about the agency’s growth, Jerod said, “This year, we had roughly 40% growth. We know that ClearCare helped us get there.”

“ClearCare’s reporting is great -- we know how many referral sources we have and stay in contact with them regularly to foster those relationships,” said Jerod. “We’re also able to report on our revenue numbers and total billable hours, quickly and easily. With ClearCare, we can track our client pipeline and get insights into caregiver turnover and new caregiver candidates. As an owner, it’s great to be able to see this and know exactly where our business stands.”

A Place At Home is a true success story of using the ClearCare platform to full effect. Jerod concluded, “ClearCare is our ageny’s backbone. They have been, and continue to be a great partner to us as we grow our business.”

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