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Catering to Male Caregivers

male caregiversMore and more men are finding themselves as primary family caregivers for aging loved ones. Care recipients may include elderly parents who require extra help around the house, or even a spouse who is suffering from a chronic or short-term medical condition. However, there’s no doubt that elder care agency owners often identify a difference in male and female caregivers.

Male Caregivers vs. Female Caregivers

A report by the AARP found that male caregivers are more likely to try and maintain their lifestyle, especially if it includes work, for as long as possible during the course of caregiving. This means that the struggle to juggle care and career can be an even more difficult process, as men often feel a financial responsibility as the primary financial provider for their family.

However, one solution may be the hiring of in-home professional caregivers. As men allow a trained, hired caregiver to assist in providing care to a loved one, additional time can be freed up for focus on career. Using a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, can allow male caregivers to feel connected to their care recipient even when they’re away at work. How? With secure web log-ins accessible from any computer or web-enabled mobile device, men can log in to see real time updates via ClearCare home care software and home care system.
In addition to maintaining work, studies have shown that male caregivers are more likely to provide less hands-on care. For example, a male caregiver may be more prone to help manage finances, appointments and household maintenance opposed to helping prepare meals, change clothes or assist with hygiene.

Again, as a home care agency owner, you can utilize the power of a comprehensive home care software or home care system to market your services to help with tasks that male caregivers may feel less comfortable with. Daily tasks within ClearCare’s home care software and home care system can ensure that a senior’s activities of daily living are taken care of by your caregivers – leaving male family caregivers to feel that they’ve taken care of everything they needed to without having to cross their lines of comfort.

Creating Your Niche
Marketing specifically to male family caregivers can help in-home elder care agencies create a niche service specialty. Using home care software, such as ClearCare, can help keep male caregivers feeling comfortable that they’re providing great care, with the help of your team, while still maintaining an important sense of self.

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