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Catering to Working Caregivers: A Home Care Niche

working caregiverMary Jo has worked since she was in high school. While the 54-year-old mother of two enjoys spending time with her family, she also prides herself on the career she has built with a local bank. However, Mary Jo has struggled to fulfill all of her work responsibilities since her mother had a minor stroke a few months back. Now, Mary Jo finds herself juggling work hours and doctors appointments, spending less time at home after work and more with her mom, and constantly calling during the day to make sure her mom remembered medications, lunch and turning off the stove.

According to the 2010 study “Caregiving in the United States,” conducted by the AARP and National Alliance for Caregiving, 73% of family caregivers either currently work, or have worked at some point during their time as a caregiver. Meanwhile, a reported 66% of caregivers have had to make some kind of adjustment to their work arrangement due to caregiving responsibilities. While caregivers don’t always intend to put their careers on the back burner, the requirements of a care recipient can quickly overwhelm an individual, causing them to cut back work hours, take a leave of absence, or leave a job completely.

How Homecare Can Offer a Solution
Caregivers can often feel alone in their caregiving duties. If they don’t provide medication reminders, or prepare meals, do the dishes and get their loved one to the doctor – who will? As a home care provider equipped with management tools like a home care system or home care software, and reliable caregivers, your agency can answer caregiver concerns with a resounding, “We will!”

1. Market Your Services to Working Caregivers:
Connecting with working caregivers gives your agency the chance to put a workday solution in front of family caregivers. Consider running advertisements targeted to working caregivers, or create referral network partners within the human resource departments of large local companies. Let family caregivers know that your services are available during work hours, promote home care systems for monitoring and home care software for ensured reliable shift scheduling.

2. Keep In Touch With Working Caregivers:
One of the primary concerns of caregivers that are focusing on work rather than their care recipient is that something will be overlooked: meds will be missed, meals will be skipped, baths will be forgotten. However, an agency that utilizes a robust home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, can assure caregivers that each and every detail is paid equal attention. With the secure home care software log-ins, family caregivers can view updates that caregivers have made to your home care system all from their desk.

3. Offer Emergency Availability
If your agency is capable of doing so, talk to prospective clients about emergency availability. Services like these can be marketed to let caregivers know that in the event they need to stay late at work, or are unable to get away to take their loved one to a medical appointment later in the day, that your agency can provide a professional caregiver to fill-in. With tools like a home care software or home care system from ClearCare, you’ll be able to keep promises like these with easy caregiver-client matching and easy shift creation.

Working caregivers make up a large sector of the family caregiver population. By marketing your services to family caregivers who are looking for ways to juggle career and care, you can highlight your skilled caregivers, home care software or home care system, and commitment to keeping family caregivers and their loved ones happy at home – and work!

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