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Celebrate Veteran Clients With Help From Home Care Software

images-14Today, November 11, 2013 is Veteran’s Day – a time to honor those that have fought for our freedom and express appreciation for their commitment to our country. As a new wave of veterans emerge from the wars in in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are also millions of veterans who served our country long ago and now need a helping hand.

Home care agencies that provide service to senior veteran clients know that these men and women are often fiercely independent people who take great pride in their service. Veteran’s Day offers a great time to thank these clients and recognize them for their service with the help of technology offered within a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online.

Here’s a few ways to easily extend your thanks to your home care clients who have served our Nation:

Simply Say Thank You:

With ClearCare Online home care software and home care system you can easily track if clients are a veteran and sort these clients by a custom field, or notes entered within the home care software. Use this time of year to sort out these clients and reach out with a simple phone call or hand written note. With the power to track and easily access contact information in your home care software or home care system, making phone calls and sending cards is a more easily managed process.

Send a Gift:

A token of thanks sent with your caregivers to a veteran client’s home is a wonderful symbol of appreciation. Some agencies choose to send a new flag on Veteran’s Day. With a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare, you can send messages to caregivers with veteran clients asking them to come pick up and deliver these tokens on their next shift.

Listen to Their Stories:
The favorite thing of many seniors is a listening ear. Offering a “Happy Veteran’s Day!” and offering to listen to any stories veterans may wish to share about their time in the service may be meaningful for seniors who otherwise may not often get to share these stories. Remind caregivers with a text from your home care software to wish their veteran clients a Happy Veteran’s Day this November 11th and remember that the technology of a home care software and home care system, like ClearCare can be a major asset in managing customer appreciation campaigns.

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