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Considerations for Continuing Education for Your Caregivers: Part 2 – How to Deliver Training

caregiver trainingEvery homecare agency owner worries about whether or not their caregivers are current on CPR and First Aid Certification. Perhaps your agency also employs CNA’s, or other certified medical personnel, that require renewal of licenses and ongoing education.

When choosing topics to offer to your caregivers, consider the challenges that they may face. Is your agency located in a culturally diverse area? Do the majority of your clients require assistance with meal preparation or have dietary restrictions? Providing training centered around timely topics will encourage caregivers to participate by offering solutions to the challenges they face in the course of their daily duties.

How is the Training Offered?

• In House: Training can be offered in a meeting format at your location and led by yourself, or a local expert on the focus of the course. Contact your local commission on aging or senior center for links to elder care experts in your area.

• On-line: Contact the National Private Duty Association, or your state home care association for information about training opportunities offered online. Webinars offer your employees a chance to interact with caregivers and experts from around the country at affordable (or free) rates.

• In Class: Consider offering your caregivers an annual allowance to pay for tuition to enroll in classes that cover elder care related topics. Your investment will likely pay off by arming your agency with the most knowledgeable caregivers around.

By fostering a workplace culture that promotes education and a commitment to providing informed service, you’ll be positioning yourself as a leader in the community and within the home care industry.

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