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Disaster Preparedness Imperative For Home Care Agencies

home care systemIn the past, we’ve discussed the importance of disaster preparedness plans for home care agencies as we witnessed the devastation caused by natural disasters ranging from hurricanes to wildfire. Today, as we watch the devastation caused by the recent tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma, we are reminded of the importance of planning for utter chaos – especially when our industry is centered around caring for a senior population who requires assistance with daily activities.

Like other at-risk populations, a natural disaster, such as a tornado can cause severe stress for seniors who may not be able to communicate with others due to a loss of phones, in addition to finding ways to work around a loss of power and access to basic necessities like food and water.

While in-home care is important at all times, the assistance of a caregiver can be a life saver during a natural disaster.

How Home Care Software Can Help Agencies Manage In the Face of Disaster

Web Based Access: When disaster strikes, the last thing many people think of is their computer. After all, if there’s no power, how will it even turn on? However, with a web based home care software and home care system, all of an agency’s information is housed in the cloud. This means that a laptop near WiFi internet, or an iPad with a 3G connection can still access all of your client and caregiver information within your home care software.

While a desktop based home care system may leave you without access to information for days on end with a power outage, a web based home care software, like ClearCare, provides constant access from any WiFi or data connection on any device – giving you the information you need at the most dire times.

Family Communication: When tragedy strikes, family members living near and far can have major concerns about the wellbeing of their senior loved ones. With ClearCare’s home care software, caregivers working with clients can leave messages (via telephony on cell or landline or online with mobile devices) that family members can log into the home care system and view.

When traditional communication may be bogged down, care updates logged in the home care software from the field can keep family members up to date and feeling at ease – which is a priceless service.

Caregiver Communication: ClearCare’s home care software also offers streamlined caregiver communication, allowing you to keep in touch with caregivers by text and email regarding availability and their safety – with all communications logged right in the home care system for easy reference. Because when things go wrong outside your window, there’s no time to be jotting down notes.

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and we wish the people of Moore the very best in their efforts to recover and rebuild. If you have concerns about your agency’s ability to handle a major event with your current home care system, contact us today to find out how ClearCare home care software can be an integral part of your preparedness plan.

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