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Disturbing Deficiencies Continue in Nursing Homes

senior careA recent news report from Arlington Heights, Illinois illustrates why nursing home deficiencies have so many families concerned. 90-year old Alzheimer’s patient Catherine McCann suffered significant injuries after maggots were discovered growing in her ear. After rushing to the emergency room, McCann’s daughter watched in horror as more than 50 live maggots were pulled from her mother’s ear.

“I’m curious how someone could wash her hair and not notice 57 maggots,” attorney Henry Phillip Gruss remarked. Even more dumbfounding is the fact that McCann was prescribed medicated drops for an ear condition the week before the maggots were found - yet numerous doses were given before the maggots were discovered.

Although representatives from the nursing home claim this incident was merely a “freak occurrence,” it certainly highlights the importance being diligent when it comes to patient’s personal care. Fortunately for seniors that live at home with the aid of a homecare system or homecare software, daily tasks such as bathing and grooming will never go uncompleted.

The Reliability of a Quality Homecare System and Homecare Software

In a recent post, we discussed the value of a reliable homecare system for food safety. This becomes especially important when dealing with allergies or potentially dangerous ingredients, which was a recent point of discussion when the tragic story of poisonous mushrooms killing two nursing home residents was released. With dependable way to store and track important dietary restrictions, such tragedies could be significantly reduced.

Using homecare software, such as provided by ClearCare, also makes it easy for caregivers to provide better personal care. Daily reminders can be set in ClearCare’s homecare software for tasks that are often ignored in nursing home facilities, such as:

  • Bathing, grooming and toileting
  • Changing bed sheets
  • Checking for bed sores
  • Providing fresh water

When seniors live at home with the help of a qualified homecare system, essential daily activities must be reported as successfully completed before the caregiver can clock out. This safeguard gives families incomparable peace of mind.

The Need for Alternative Quality Care

In February, government officials conducted an annual inspection of Royal Terrace, a Kansas nursing home, and flagged 21 deficiencies. "It was really, really bad. Very neglectful," one resident said, referring to the quality of care at Royal Terrace. "You'd push a call light on and the response time was maybe 45 minutes to an hour before anybody came to help you."

According to government reports, Royal Terrace also failed to keep the home free of pests such as cockroaches. "Roaches in the hallways, roaches in the bedrooms, roaches everywhere," 55-year old Theresa Squire reported. "It was just horrible. I always had at least two or three cockroaches in my room at night."

While incidents like this may be isolated to a few cases each year, the statistics for elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes are steadily rising. On a positive note, the home care industry has stepped up to fill the need for alternative care. More than 90 percent of seniors prefer to stay at home as they age; and with the help of an innovative homecare system like ClearCare, home care is quickly becoming the safest and most practical care option. While nursing homes struggle to rebuild tarnished reputations, ClearCare’s homecare software continues to maintain a solid reputation for excellence.

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