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Drive New Home Care Business For the New Year

As the new year sets in, many home care agency owners are looking towards projections for their business in 2013. While many people view the New Year as a new time to make changes in their lives, it can also be an ideal time to market in-home elder care services to family caregivers who are looking for some help to manage their caregiving responsibilities in the coming year.

Here are 4 tips to help drive new business for the new year:

1. Re-Connect with your Referral Network: The holidays are a perfect time to express appreciation to members of your referral network with a small token of appreciation – be it a lovely card or a box of chocolates. Remind them of your availability, highlight any positive statistics or events from your agency in 2012 and be sure to let them know if you’re already using ClearCare, the industry’s best homecare software as a robust home care system to keep your agency on track.

2. Specialized Marketing Campaigns: Simple marketing campaigns that focus on helping caregivers find some relief in the New Year can be an effective way of reaching out to caregivers who may not have considered in-home care before. Whether you use newspaper, radio, mailings or social media to reach out, let caregivers know that your agency is armed with great caregivers, compassion, skill and the management capabilities of a robust homecare software or homecare system.

3. Connect with Clients: Increasing hours with current clients, or re-starting service with clients who may have stopped service in the past is another way to meet increased revenue goals in the new year. Consider offering a special for increasing or returning customers, and with the help of a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare, to track client contact information you can send e-mails, or quickly find contact information, with the click of a mouse.

4. Turn to the Cloud: If your agency isn’t already using the industry’s best homecare software and homecare system, the new year is an ideal time to make the transition to ClearCare. With a robust, cloud-based homecare software in place, you can manage your business on-the-go, reduce administrative time spent on paper management, payroll, billing, caregiver messaging and more. Not to mention, with ClearCare’s homecare system, caregivers and clients can securely access their schedules online; saving you time, increasing transparency, and setting your business apart from the crowd.

The New Year is a new start for many businesses when it comes to revenue and service goals. With the help of ClearCare’s homecare software, you can be on track to make 2013 your best year yet.

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