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imgresAs more seniors choose to remain living at home, the need for home care will continue to increase. Becoming a leader in the home care industry means keeping up with the changing times and making appropriate adjustments to maximize your agency’s potential. One of the most innovative tools available to help home care agencies grow is the home care system and home care software developed by ClearCare Online. ClearCare Online’s web-based home care system gives busy administrators more time to manage the day-to-day operations of their business in the office or on the go. Reliable home care software like ClearCare Online also helps businesses expand and bring in more clients. Let’s discuss 3 key ways.

1. Effectively manage your referral sources. Successfully track the success of your referral sources with ClearCare Online’s home care software. When you meet a hospital transition planner, geriatric care manager, or other health care professional who refers clients to you, enter their contact information into your home care system. You can now track the number of referrals you receive from these sources, and measure conversion rates to determine which referrals are yielding the best results. This information is valuable when planning new marketing techniques.

2. Quickly respond to problems and concerns. Improve your agency’s reputation by resolving concerns more efficiently. Paper care journals are often inadequately filled out or misplaced, but paperless agencies can avoid such mistakes by using an online home care system. Once a caregiver updates her home care software – with assessments, daily tasks or notes - the information is secure and available for review. This allows agency administrators to take a proactive approach and address concerns before they escalate to serious problems.

3. Appeal to a wider audience. Your agency has a unique opportunity to expand by creating specialty services for seniors with specific health concerns. With the assistance of trustworthy homecare software, your agency can easily become a local leader in home care by creating specialties that appeal to a variety of clients. For tips on reaching out to stroke patients, check out our post: How to Create a Stroke Specialty within Your Homecare Agency.

Now is the time to make the most of technological advances and promote your agency as a sophisticated leader in home care. ClearCare’s exceptional home care system is designed to help you do just that. For more inspiring ideas on growing your business, check out our recent post “Home Care Agencies: What Are Your Goals for the New Year?”

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