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Eldercare Provider Sentenced to Prison in Medicaid Scheme

home care managementThe very nature of in-home elder care creates vast opportunity for individuals to take advantage of seniors, their loved ones and government programs funding their care. While the majority of private duty agencies are ran by honest people committed to providing the best possible care with high levels of transparency, one St. Albans, West Virginia home care administrator was working in the opposite direction and was recently sentenced to 46 months in prison after being convicted of conspiracy to defraud the United States in a Medicaid billing scheme.

According to a recent article in the Charleston Gazette (http://wvgazette.com/News/policeblotter/201302210258?page=2) , Shida Jaime, owner of Golden Heart In Home Care, Inc. falsified background checks and allowed convicted felons to act as caregivers in addition to encouraging caregivers to falsify mileage and time keeping documents. While Jaime claims to have always provided quality care, there were never any claims of abuse against the agency and investigators admit that the additional funds schemed from Medicaid were used within the agency. However, prosecutors believe that got in over her head, with over 500 employees working with the agency at one point – and hoping to have her charges serve as a reminder to the severity of falsifying Medicaid documents.

Home Care Software Helps Keeps Home Care Honest
Both new and growing home care agencies run the risk of mismanagement without the proper tools and personnel in place to manage office and in-field procedures. Technology like ClearCare’ s home care software and home care system offer a reliable hand in keeping clients well cared for, and administrative functions efficiently – and honestly – managed.

For example, with telephony clock-ins to a home care software or home care system like ClearCare, the exact start and end time of a shift can be directly recorded from the field. This information is available in real-time to an agency’s office personnel and can then be used directly in billing and payroll functions from the home care system. While ClearCare is designed to assist in billing to private pay clients, providing accurate billing information is just as important for individuals as it is the Federal government.

Agencies using a robust home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, garner a competitive edge and stand out among the best due to a heightened level of transparency. Not only do administrators have real-time access to updates from the field, but with family log-in portals, loved ones can also get ongoing updates on their loved ones via the home care software or home care system’s electronic care logs.

While a good private duty care agency starts with great people and a commitment to integrity and service, a home care system like ClearCare is an integral tool in helping good people do a great job.

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