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Expanding Home Care Business with Three C’s

homecare optionsIn a rapidly growing industry, it is integral for home care agency owners to be able to distinguish themselves. Whether you manage a 1,000 client agency with a reputation for great service, or are working to build a solid foundation of clients as a new provider, making a commitment to stellar service and management procedures can help you stand head and shoulders above the rest.

One tool capable of helping you fulfill these commitments if a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare Online. With a comprehensive home care system in place to help you manage everything from customer relations to scheduling and reporting you can focus on three C’s that can be an important part of business: expanding “C”apacity, making care more “C”omprehensive and increasing support for both family and agency “C”aregivers.

Let’s look at how ClearCare Online’s home care software can help with each of these commitments:

Expanding Capacity: In order to take on more clients, you must have the ability to reliably hire more caregivers, schedule hours, and manage client contact and billing for those new clients. With pen and paper operations, this can mean additional hours of administrative work and thus the need for more administrative staff, which can cut into profits by increasing overhead costs. However, with a home care software such as ClearCare Online in place, you can increase efficiency in all of these processes, allowing you to expand your capacity to care for more clients, or add more service hours with a minimal increase in administrative time.

Making Care More Comprehensive: An ability to provide comprehensive care that encompasses all of a senior’s needs can definitely make an impact on family caregivers and clients. With the task features and unique Family Room portal offered by ClearCare Online’s home care system, agencies can ensure that they meet a client’s every need. From spiritual and social customs to everyday needs like nutrition and hygiene, a home care software allows a client’s care plan to be fully customized and easily communicated to caregivers in the field.

Increasing Caregiver Support: While family caregivers need to know they can rely on their home care agency choice to follow through on appointments and care needs, agency caregivers need an efficient way to communicate with their employers. A home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online, allows family members to keep up to speed on a loved one’s care in real time via secure online portals. And, likewise, caregiver portals and automated messaging through the home care system can be used to remind caregivers of shifts, communicate care needs and report hours worked – all with efficiency and ease.

While upholding a commitment to stellar service and care for seniors still requires an immeasurable amount of hard work, having ClearCare Online home care software as your partner can help make that work easier to see through.


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