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Forecasting the New Generation of Elder Care Managers

home care systemThe demand for elder care is on the rise, with its peak being far down the road. And although most news coverage focuses on the rapidly growing age population or the rising cost in health care, you don’t hear much about what we are doing to prepare for an increasing demand for health care.

However Louisiana State University – Alexandria seems to be strides ahead. Recently, the University has conditionally approved a new bachelor’s degree that will help students prepare for a career in elder care management.

The approved elder care administration degree takes on an interdisciplinary approach to their program, integrating elements of business and sociology into their curriculum. The implementation of the new undergraduate program makes you realize that as our aging population increases, so will a new era and generation of home care managers.

Who are these new home care managers?

This new era of home care managers will comprise of those adults who grew up during the technological boom. They’re not Generation X or Y, but rather Generation T (T for Technology). And with this new generation of home care managers entering the work force, you can bet that many of them will turn to technology to help them perform their jobs.

What kind of technology will these Generation T managers be looking for?

Generation T managers will be looking for specific technology that matches the way they currently interact with information. For example, the technology:

  1. Must be mobile: Gen T is synonymous with the Smart Phone/Tablet generation, meaning mobility is a necessity to access everything, anywhere, and at any time.
  2. Must get live updates: Gen T home care managers will want something similar to what Facebook provides: a live-feed with status updates for their clients.
  3. Must be able to mass message: Like a Twitter account, Gen T will want to be able to send messages to their large audience, such as caregivers or other staff members.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait for Gen T to enter the workforce to access the type of technology that they are looking for, because the technology is already available in current home care software and home care system solutions.

Generation T’s best friend: home care software

Today’s home care software and systems capture all of the features that Generation T managers are using and will be looking for as they fill in care manager and other positions in the home care industry. For example, home care software and home care system solutions today:

  1. Are web-based, giving users online access to information from any mobile device.
  2. Can provide live, real-time status updates on client conditions.
  3. Have the ability to mass message employees and post important announcements to staff.

So today’s home care software/home care system is made for the “tech savvy?”

Not at all. The most up-to-date home care system solutions keep up with technological trends without sacrificing ease of use. Take ClearCare as an example. The innovative care management solution strikes a telling balance between technology and usability, neatly integrating features and technological advances in their product while preserving its user-friendly interface.

For the Louisiana Elder Care Administration graduates of 2017, satisfaction will be felt when they find that a modern home care system utilizes the same tools that they already use on a daily basis. For the rest of us: the technology is already there. So why not think ahead like Louisiana State University, prepare for the rising demand of home care, and explore existing home care software that can help with your business operations?

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