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Home Care Management

Overseeing the operations of a home care agency requires the skills to manage multiple employees, maintain finances and communication with families dealing with the transitions of aging. It’s hard work! Thus, finding tools that make home care management more efficient is an important part of streamlining business.

Duties of Home Care Management

No matter the size of your home care agency, the management duties are essentially the same. Your focus will be on areas including:

Employee Management; with most work being done outside of the office, in client’s homes
Business Management; including the day-to-day operations like running an office, managing finances and ensuring that billing and payroll are handled properly.

Marketing; in order to grow your business, you’ll need to secure new clients through marketing campaigns and referral networks.

Client Interaction; securing new clients and keeping existing ones happy is an important part of maintaining business. An open line of communication with your clients means that you’ll be busy with maintaining the image of your business.

Home Care Management Tools:

Aside from everyday business tools like computers and telephones, home care managers require specialized tools to organize client information, communicate with employees and provide transparency in their work.

One tool specifically formatted for the home care industry is care management software from ClearCare. Our motto is “be there at the point of care,” meaning that our software is designed to allow you, as a home care manager, to be present in the homes of your clients, even when you’re back at the office.

The highly intuitive interface of ClearCare provides caregivers with a simple method of checking off tasks throughout the day, via telephony check-ins, or online connections with a tablet or smartphone. These updates are then automatically visible to you, and each family member’s clients, via a secure log-in portal. In addition to monitoring employees, you’ll be able to see when caregivers clock in and out, manage client billing and assign assignments to your caregivers quickly and easily.

We know that home care management takes a special kind of person; and ClearCare is here to equip you with an equally specialized software.

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