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Home Care Software Makes it Easier for Seniros to Accept Help

For the past year, my grandmother has devoted her time to caring for my grandfather after he suffered a major heart attack and stroke, while also valiantly taking care of her own needs. At the age of 93, taking care of her husband and keeping her home in order is not as easy as it once was. The glass knick knacks are dusted less often and scrubbing the floors is an all day affair. More meals are coming from take out or delivery and less from her own kitchen and more naps are required to make it through the day.

Repeatedly, our family has suggested that we hire a caregiver to visit the house even once a week to help with the cleaning, lend a hand driving to and from errands or help prepare a few meals to put in the fridge. However, Grandma has repeatedly refused. In 2012, she hired a cleaning service to help around the house. After two visits, they used a caustic cleaner on a dresser that had been her mother’s, ruining the finish and leaving a bad taste in her mouth when it came to the idea of in-home help.

Like my grandma, seniors around the world often have hesitations around accepting help from a hired caregiver, fearing that they will not do things as they wish, ruin routines or simply impede on their independence. This is a valid fear that many home care agencies hear when working with prospective clients and their families: “Mom needs help, but she doesn’t want it.”

How Home Care Software Can Help Ease Senior Fears
Agencies working with seniors who fear caregivers not knowing their routines, likes and dislikes have a major ally in a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare. In the assessment portion alone of home care software from ClearCare, agency administrators can note religious preferences, medications, food allergies & dietary restrictions, as well as special notes on everything from favored cleaning products to meal times. This information then becomes available to caregivers when the log-in via the home care system to review their schedule.

More importantly, however, important notes can be integrated into tasks logged in the home care software or home care system. For example, when a caregiver calls to clock into their shift, if a task is scheduled for mopping the floors, special notes can be left by the administrator to use only Pine Sol on the floor, or check with the client for specific instructions. This ensures that important details about a client and their preferences are always at the forefront of a caregiver’s attention thanks to the
assistance of ClearCare’s home care software.

Additionally, caregiver matching within a home care system allows administrators to match clients with caregivers that meet their needs for care – as well as make a good choice based on personality, and logging preferred or non-preferred caregivers in a client’s record, allowing for the best schedule matching.

Accepting help can be difficult, especially when a senior’s been living independently for decades. However, with an attentive caregiver and the informational tracking capabilities of a home care software, such as ClearCare, even my grandmother is opening up to the idea of a little help at home.

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