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Senior Home Care Software Solutions


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Software is an integral part of business management in today’s world. Whether you’re paying the bills, billing your clients, or storing client records, using a software program is typically the most efficient and organized way to do so. However, finding a home care software that allows you, as an in-home care business owner, to manage your business efficiently can be difficult.

Home care software should be tailored to meet the needs of your agency, while providing you with tools to attract new clients and offer unique features to current customers.

Home care Software Features

Point-of-care management:

While many agencies utilize paper care logs to track care plans for each client, and log what tasks are completed each visit, these logs quickly become difficult to manage while bogging down the chain of communication. Home care software must allow caregiver employees to receive real-time updates of changes to care plans, while also reporting task completion in real-time to agency managers.

Time Tracking:

Tracking hours is important both for paying employees and billing clients. Home care software should allow caregivers to clock-in and out from the field, allowing timesheets to be completed with ease and streamlining the process of tracking billable hours. This feature also allows managers to know whether or not employees have arrived at a client’s home on time.


Increased transparency is a great marketing tool for securing clients that may be concerned about losing control of a loved one’s care when hiring a home care agency. What does transparency in homecare mean? Allowing your clients to always know what is going on in the course of their loved one’s care. Home care software should come equipped with the features to allow client’s ongoing access to care updates and notes from caregivers.

The Best Home care Software

ClearCare is the world’s most powerful home care software, integrating all of the above mentioned features with much more. The highly intuitive format of ClearCare is as easy to use as everyday websites, making its integration a quick adjustment for both home care owners, caregivers and clients accessing their secure log-in sites.

Streamline your business today by calling for your free 30-day trial of ClearCare home care software.

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