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Homecare Best Practices: Easy Ways to Manage Caregiver Employees In the Field


Homecare manager at her computer

Homecare managers face a unique challenge in the necessity to manage employees who spend most, if not all, of their time working in the field. The nature of in home care often leaves agency administrators and owners searching for efficient ways to oversee and communicate with employees who are rarely in their sight.

Ideas for Managing Homecare Employees

Foster a culture of transparency

Encourage a work environment that is open and honest. Keep employees apprised of policy changes, upcoming events and create channels for employees to approach their managers with concerns. A culture of transparency and honesty in the office will transfer to the field with the integration of a care management software, like ClearCare.

Using ClearCare homecare software requires caregivers to track completion of their tasks throughout the day and provide feedback when a care plan is not fully met. This system lets caregivers know that their managers, as well as the client’s family, can see what work has been completed at any time and encourages quality, efficient work.

Watch From Afar

It’s important to let home health aides working in the field know that they are still being supervised. However, there is also a fine line in making employees feel as though they’re not trusted.

Use a care management software system that makes real time updates available to you, the manager, via telephony or mobile devices. By monitoring the task completion of caregivers in the field, and evaluating reasons for any missed tasks, you’ll be able to monitor the work being done in client’s homes, all from behind your desk.

With the power of ClearCare, you’ll also be able to track employee’s timesheets based on clock-ins and clock-outs logged directly into the software.

Evaluate Employees Often

While homecare employees conduct most of their work outside of your physical view, it’s important to hold consistent reviews. Depending on the size of your agency and each caregiver, reviews may be necessary monthly, quarterly or every 6 months. Use these reviews as a time to discuss any issues with quality of work, and observe the caregiver in a client’s home.

Utilizing a software for home care also allows you, as a manager, to review daily records of employee’s work, all in one central location. This visibility makes it easy to identify patterns of late clock-ins, missed tasks or late clock-outs. This data is key to mentoring, praising or disciplining employees.

Let your home caregiver employees know that you care about their work. Integrate the management power of ClearCare online to keep an eye on employees in the field, while you also keep an eye on the office.

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