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Homecare Business Strategy Part 1: How Are You Perceived By Customers?

homecare managementIn business, just as in life, first impressions can have a major impact. How your homecare agency is perceived by clients, both new and existing, has the ability to affect your bottom line. In this post, we’ll look at what affects how your agency is perceived, including use of advertising, your employees and utilization of homecare software and homecare systems.

1. Advertising:
New clients are often drawn to your agency via your advertising. The look, verbiage and placement of your advertising can have a major impact on your agency’s perception. Do you have a logo? A slogan? A website to direct customers to with a link to your agency’s home care software or home care system client portal? All of these things stand out to potential clients and can make or break their decision to learn more about your services.

2. Internet Presence:
Much of the research that consumers do is centered around internet research. Check out your company’s profiles on micro or local networking sites such as Yelp and Yellow Pages. Positive customer reviews reflect a positive relationship with your clientele. Likewise, an up-to-date website and social networking profiles help customers perceive your agency as active.

3. Caregivers:
Your caregivers are the individuals who typically represent your agency on a daily basis. Arming your employees with proper training, attire, protocols and tools, such as the homecare software or homecare system offered by ClearCare, presents a professional image to consumers.

4. Management practices:
How you, as an owner, manage your business can have a major impact on whether or not clients continue to use you services. Are billing invoices correct? Can family caregivers access care logs? Utilizing a powerful homecare system or homecare software, like the one available from ClearCare, gives you the power to reduce administrative time while providing an improved level of transparency to clients.

5. Transparency:
Speaking of transparency, most family caregivers want to know that their elderly loved ones are in capable hands while they’re away. How much information your agency provides to family members can have a major impact on your agency’s perception. Fortunately today’s homecare systems and homecare software, like ClearCare, can provide family members with real-time updates about their family member’s course of care – and hold your caregivers to a higher standard of care.

Later this week, we’ll examine how you can change your agency’s reputation, and perception in Part 2 of our Home Care Business Strategy Series.

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