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Homecare Business Strategy Part 2: How to Change Your Agency's Reputation

homecare managementAfter examining how your agency is perceived by customers, taking steps to modify your homecare agency’s reputation is a major step in altering that perception. Whether your agency’s reputation is already positive and in need of only minor improvements, or you feel as though a major overhaul is necessary, modifying the way you manage 5 key pieces of your business can have a significant impact on agency reputation.

1. Online Profiles:
Having a positive online presence helps your homecare agency appeal to customers by making agency information readily available. While you may not have control over reviews on public sites, you are the controller of your agency’s online presence in your website and social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Agency websites also provide a place to give family members access to care logs with the power of homecare software or homecare systems, like ClearCare.

2. Utilize robust homecare software or homecare systems:
Transparency in homecare agencies mean that you are willing, and able, to share information about client care with family members. Utilizing a powerful homecare software or homecare system, such as that available from ClearCare allows current and potential clients to see that your agency is committed to efficient agency management, high service standards and making information about the course of care readily available to clients and their families.

3. Be open to change:
As your homecare agency grows and evolves, change will become necessary. In order to maintain a positive reputation with your clients and referral network, it is imperative to listen to feedback (both good and bad) and be willing to implement changes that will improve your agency’s service. Changes may be as minor as updating your listings in local senior directories, or perhaps improving the way you do business by updating your agency’s homecare software.

4. Focus on Your Referral Network:
Building a referral network of trusted local service providers portrays your agency as a trusted leader in eldercare. Get involved in local senior organizations and work to educate local elder service providers about what sets your agency apart: highlight caregiver training, your use of homecare systems, like ClearCare, and positive customer reviews.

Updating, or overhauling, your homecare agency’s reputation will help you win new clients, maintain current business and establish your agency as a leader in your local homecare market. Remember that your agency’s online image, your use of homecare software and homecare systems, and adapting based on client feedback are all effective tools to alter how your business is perceived.

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