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Homecare Expanding in California

According to the new projections by California’s Employment Development Department, the number of home health aides will increase by 32,000, or 52 percent, by 2020. Personal care aides will grow by 43 percent, adding 138,200 jobs. That’s a faster rate of growth than any other profession with more than 10,000 California workers. Why the dramatic increase?

“It’s a huge need, and it’s a growing need,” says Ken Erman, CEO of Rx Staffing and Home Care in Sacramento. “People need some assistance, but they don’t need so much help for them to go to a nursing home.” Fortunately, with the help of a quality home care system and home care software, such as provided by ClearCare, more seniors are able to age in place at home than ever before.

The Growing Senior Population

Within 30 years, the number of California seniors over the age of 85 – the age group most likely to use a home health aide – will more than triple to almost two million, growing eight times faster than the state’s population as a whole.

Families that look into home care for their elderly loved ones will have many choices available. The important things to look for are qualified caregivers, a reliable home care system and home care software program, and an agency that puts safety first. ClearCare’s home care system and home care software make it easy for agencies (and family members) to track the daily activities of every senior, ensuring that special care is being taken to do things right.

How Home Care Software can Help

Home health aides face a number of challenges. Many clients don’t appreciate having a caregiver in their home, even if family members or doctors tell them it’s necessary. Keesha Williams, a caregiver from Sacramento, explains how essential it is to defuse any resentment right away. “I try to get them as involved as possible,” Williams says, adding, “I don’t want them to feel like I’m doing everything.”

Home care agencies can make a note in ClearCare’s home care system which clients have trouble accepting their current arrangements. When a caregiver clocks into her shift, she’ll get a reminder from ClearCare’s home care software that tells her to let the client dress himself, but to help him with his meals.

As Baby Boomers age, the number of California jobs in the health care support sector will continue to increase. ClearCare is ready to meet the demand by providing an outstanding home care system and home care software program that families and agencies alike can trust.

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