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Homecare Software: 3 Ways it Helps Prevent Lawsuits

Maintaining a successful home care agency requires you to wear a number of different hats. You’re a manager, scheduler, problem-solver, and accountant – just to name a few. What you shouldn’t have to be is a victim. Unfortunately, an increasing number of home care agencies are under attack. As the senior population grows and more individuals are choosing to “age in place” at home, legal battles launched against home care agencies are becoming more common. As an agency owner, how can you protect your business from costly lawsuits?

1. Carefully monitor your caregivers’ daily care plans with a reliable home care system.

In the home health industry, guaranteeing quality care is a promise you must live up to. Utilizing a dependable home care system like ClearCare is the easiest and most affordable way your agency can make good on its quality guarantee. ClearCare not only offers the best home care scheduling solution, our incomparable home care software provides you with the most reliable real-time visibility to the client’s point-of-care.

Home care software, such as the robust system from ClearCare, has proven to be an exceptional way to overcome any skill and reliability issues with caregivers and give families real peace of mind. Keeping track of your caregiver’s schedules and daily tasks is an important first step, but ClearCare goes the extra mile by allowing you to know exactly when these important tasks are completed.

Can you think of the numerous ways a trustworthy home care system would benefit your business?

2. Track caregiver activity with ClearCare’s home care software.

One of the most prevalent trends in home care legal battles is caregivers suing their agencies for unpaid shifts. You can easily prevent this from happening to you by using the home care software and telephony system that systems like ClearCare provide.

As soon as the caregiver arrives at the home of the client, she will clock in to her shift by using the client’s home telephone. The agency – as well as family members – gets immediate reassurance that the caregiver is actually at the client’s home as scheduled. Every shift is tracked and saved through the home care system from ClearCare, eliminating the possibility of shorting your caregivers.

3. Ensure quality care by tracking caregiver certifications.

In a study addressing the issue of caregiver training, a significant number of survey respondents admitted having concerns about the competency and training of their loved one’s caregiver. Eliminate the chances of having unsatisfied clients worry about your agency’s caregivers by tracking caregiver certifications using a home care system like ClearCare. Our home care software offers you the easiest method of keeping a watchful eye on your caregivers, their level of training, and their certifications. An alert will be sent out to you and the caregiver when her certifications expire and require renewal.

Incorporating these practical suggestions into your agency is a proactive way you can prevent potential lawsuits and maintain a successful, thriving business.

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