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Homecare Software Helps Meet Overtime Laws

home care software userAs new regulatory requirements come into effect in California, and soon the nation, home care providers are in desperate need of a management solution that helps them efficiently and effectively meet new guidelines surrounding overtime pay requirements.

In California, AB241 requires domestic workers, including in-home care providers to be paid overtime for any work done over 9 hours in a given day or 45 hours in a work week, with pay being calculated at using the average rate of pay. In most cases, this requires more than a simple calculation for proper payment and can significantly increase the amount of time that agencies spend on administrative processes like payroll and billing.

However, ClearCare Online’s home care software and home care system can offer a streamlined solution to allow overtime alerts, overtime calculations and customized settings that provide an automated solution within the home care software. Using the technology of a home care system with robust overtime calculation features, such as ClearCare Online, gives your agency the power meet the requirements of regulatory requirements such as AB241 without spending significantly more time, and in turn money, on the administrative functions of payroll and billing.

In addition to having to worry about overtime calculations for in-home workers, AB241 in California also changes the overtime requirements for workers providing care in a facility, and with some caregivers working both in and out of facility settings, these complexities can throw a major curveball in proper overtime calculations. Even more frightening is the idea of not paying caregivers properly and being put at a liability.

With the technological power of special purpose built overtime features, ClearCare Online is the most reliable home care software and home care system on today’s market. As an innovator in home care software features, ClearCare Online is committed to keeping pace with new industry requirements across the country in an effort to make running your home care agency as efficient and simple as possible.

To learn more about ClearCare Online home care system’s overtime features and capabilities, contact us at (800) 449-0645.

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