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Homecare & Technology: Helping Seniors Care for Seniors

senior careIt’s not uncommon for an older sister to watch out for her younger sibling. However, what if those sisters are 88 and 92 years old? Five years ago, Marjorie’s younger sister moved in with Marjorie and her husband as she began to require assistance with meal preparation, medication reminders and more. While Marjorie is proud that at nearly a century of life she’s still capable of caring for herself and her sister, senior caregivers face a unique set of challenges as family caregivers.

While most family caregivers struggle to balance work, family and caregiving duties, seniors providing care for another elderly relative, or their spouse are faced with the struggle to manage their own health and need for care with the weight of caring for an individual in a similar circumstance. However, this generation who is often resistant to technology may find relief for their situation with the assistance of a home care software or home care system to help manage care.

Home Care Agencies Provide a Missing Link:
Seniors caring for seniors still need a chance to get out of the house. For instance, Marjorie has a weekly standing hair appointment, a Friday trip to the grocery store and doctors appointments of her own. However, she feels uncomfortable leaving her sister at home, so she often makes her come along, although getting her in and out of the car with a walker is difficult for both of the frail women. Home care agencies can provide an invaluable service by offering hourly care that allows seniors to leave those in their care at home while they attend to regular errands and medical needs of their own.

Home Care Software Provides Reassurance:
Although seniors may be put off by the terms “home care software” or “home care system,” properly explaining these tools to elderly family caregivers can give a sense of relief. For example, a robust home care system or home care software, like ClearCare, can be used to send caregivers nightly reminders of upcoming shifts and track important tasks – like a medication reminder – ensuring that seniors receive top quality care. One of Marjorie’s major concerns is someone else not caring for her sister as she would. However, a home care system can ensure caregivers of all ages that details are not being overlooked.

Home Care Can Take A Load Off of Caregivers:
While in home care can be beneficial in allowing caregivers some respite outside of the home, even seniors acting as caregivers may find some relief by enlisting the help of a home care agency. For example, many private duty agencies offer light housekeeping services, meal preparation assistance and some help with laundry. Home care software or a home care system can be used to track these basic needs, and provide an outside person to check on the wellbeing of the senior caregiver, as well as the primary client. These services ensure that the household duties are covered, leaving the senior caregiver as much time and energy as possible to focus on the wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones.

As Americans begin to live longer, there are more and more senior caregivers acting as primary caregivers for their elderly loved ones as they also care for themselves. However, reputable home care agencies utilizing a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare, can help ensure that senior caregivers’ golden years don’t lose their luster.

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