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How Politics Affect the Elderly And Their Caregivers

home care softwareAlthough President Obama and Mitt Romney have a difference of opinion over many things, they do agree on one point: the American health care system is broken. Of course, the two diverge dramatically when it comes to making plans for improvement. No matter who wins the Presidential election, states everywhere have begun preparing for big changes to the health care system, including a program in Tennessee called “No Wrong Door,” a way to help consumers learn what changes might affect them personally.

Whether Obama continues to hold office or Mitt Romney takes over, payments to health care providers will likely be cut, worrying members of the medical industry. Craig Becker, President of THA remarks, “Frankly, we are not sure we are going to survive some of the cuts.” Cutbacks may affect hospitals, home care agencies, and private duty home care aides.

President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, has faced numerous roadblocks, including strong Republican opposition to the requirement that all Americans have some form of health insurance. If the plan goes into effect as scheduled, an additional 30 million people are expected to become insured. While good news for many, some see the ACA – or “Obamacare”- as an acceleration of already high health care costs.

If Mitt Romney is elected, most health care experts believe at least a portion of the ACA will be repealed. Either way, reform is certainly needed.

Health Care and Technology

While politicians make their cases, health care providers are working hard to establish information technology systems to improve tracking of patients, treatments, and care plans. Home care systems, such as ClearCare, are becoming increasingly popular as consumers realize the value of dependable home care software.

Health care reform encourages collaboration. With technological advances, mergers between health care providers are becoming more common. Home care agencies are turning to home care systems like ClearCare for an edge over the competition.

Home care software can also help seniors stay actively involved in the political arena. Caregivers that use ClearCare’s home care software can set reminders for television broadcasts that politically-savvy seniors are interested in tuning into. Home care systems can also be used to set the day and time for voting so even the elderly and disabled can let their voice be heard.

Other Ways Home Care Systems Help

Many families overestimate the costs of home care and end up caring for older ones themselves. This can lead to financial problems and emotional stress, especially when respite care is never arranged. Taking advantage of professional home care is less expensive than the majority of people think. With reputable home care systems, such as ClearCare, relatives can see what’s going on at their loved one’s home in real-time. Caregivers update their home care software when essential daily tasks have been completed, providing incomparable peace of mind for family members.

Whatever changes Obama or Romney may make, ClearCare’s home care software is reliably here to stay.

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