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How To Create a Diabetes Specialty in Your Home Care Agency

diabetes home careDiabetes is a very common illness which has the potential to lead to a variety of serious complications. Such complications can reduce the quality of life for the individual, as well as cause premature death or disability. The good news is that diabetes can be effectively managed and treated. With proper diet, medication, and exercise, most diabetes sufferers can avoid serious complications and enjoy a satisfying life. Home care agencies that utilize a robust home care software and home care system, like ClearCare, edge out the competition by providing the highest standard of care, supervision, and patient satisfaction.

Marketing Your Caregiving Agency to Diabetes Patients
Diabetes management begins with education. If your agency’s goal is to reach out to the diabetes community, you must employ educated caregivers. A reliable home care system and home care software program are essential in monitoring your caregivers’ credentials and qualifications.

More than 14 million Americans are currently living with diabetes. If your agency offers certified caregivers experienced in providing diabetes care, you will appeal to a wide audience. Your caregivers can become more knowledgeable about diabetes management by referring to ClearCare’s home care system and home care software, which will outline which patients require what medications. “Diabetes is very individual,” says Richard Rubin, PhD, president of the American Diabetes Association’s healthcare and education program. “Some people take pills, some people take insulin injections, some take both.” Obviously it is critical for caregivers to have a reliable home care system to refer to for instructions.
How Home Care Software Helps Build Business
As a home care agency specializing in diabetes care, your aim is to help patients avoid debilitating complications by encouraging them to manage their illness effectively. Diabetes management includes:
• Controlling glucose levels with proper diet
• Making healthy lifestyle changes
• Administering medication or injections
• A regular exercise program
• Monitoring blood sugar

The advantage of ClearCare’s innovative home care system and home care software is that it helps caregivers with every aspect of diabetes management. For example, juggling multiple medications can be challenging, especially for older seniors. Caregivers can use their home care software to track all prescription medications, when they should be administered, and the proper dosage. Once the medication has been given, caregivers can update the agency and family members using ClearCare’s web-based home care system.

Another goal of your agency should be to help clients evaluate their food choices and suggest specific diets that won’t aggravate diabetes. Professionally-trained caregivers can easily refer to their home care software for meal plans and healthy snacks. Such caregivers should also be trained how to monitor to blood sugar levels and handle diabetic emergencies.

Utilizing a reliable home care system, such as that provided by ClearCare, to help inform your caregivers and clients, will quickly gain your agency the reputation for quality diabetes care and satisfy more clients.

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