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How to Find a Caregiver to Meet Your Needs

caregiverYears ago, there were only two options for the elderly who required assistance with daily activities: move into a nursing home, or move in with a family member. Thankfully, things have changed. As a result of advanced technology such as ClearCare’s homecare system and homecare software, seniors are able to stay living comfortably and securely in their own homes with the help of an in-home care worker. How do you find the right one?

1. Qualify what you’re looking for.

Making a list of requirements will help you qualify what kind of care provider your elderly loved one needs. This will also ensure you are not paying for services that are not actually necessary.

2. Check out certifications.

Certifications may be required by certain agencies – but not all. Even if it is not legally necessary to be certified by the state you live in, you should make it an important requisite for caregivers to at least be certified in basic skills, such as First Aid and CPR. Agencies that use homecare software, like ClearCare, can track caregiver certifications and receive alerts when they are up for renewal.

3. Make your needs known.

The more detailed you make your expectations, the easier it will be for a caregiver to meet them. When interviewing agencies, ask if there is a homecare system in place that matches clients with qualified caregivers. ClearCare’s homecare software matches caregivers based on set criteria, ensuring that each client gets the right kind of care.

4. Work with a reputable agency that hires trained caregivers.

A study performed by The Caregiving Project for Older Adults identified a common misconception. Although 78 percent of the people surveyed believed their caregivers had received a recognized level of training, this was not the case at all. Home care aides may receive little to no formal training before being sent out in the field. Don’t hesitate to ask each agency you interview how they train their caregivers. Those that use ClearCare’s homecare system and homecare software will be able to show you exactly how they store and track such information.

5. Monitor the new caregiver.

In order to truly ensure quality care, you’ll want to carefully monitor the new hire. A caregiver that uses ClearCare’s homecare system will be required to use the client’s telephone to clock into her shift, guaranteeing she’s there when she should be. Daily tasks will be updated using homecare software that will be accessible to you 24/7, from any computer or mobile device.

The home care industry has met the growing demand for home care providers, but not all agencies are going to meet your individual needs. There are many factors to consider, such as what homecare system the agency has in place, and how long the agency has been in business. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Interviewing potential agencies is the only way you will find a suitable match.

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