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How to Help Seniors Feel Independence With Age

senior independenceAn 89 year old former university professor was quoted saying, “I couldn’t believe that I could no longer control everything in my life. Losing control has been frustrating.” What caused this senior to express such dismay? The simple process of growing older and having to ask for help. While some elderly ones easily accept the need for assistance as they age, strong-minded “Alpha” individuals – ones who relish control – find it much more difficult.

Even seniors who are able to “age in place” at home may feel powerless when it comes to their advancing age and circumstances. The former professor mentioned in the outset explains, “It has been very hard to accept my limitations – especially physical ones.” Other seniors share similar sentiments. Losing control over certain aspects of one’s life is a real challenge – especially without proper support. Fortunately, relying on a quality in-home caregiver and homecare system can help seniors maintain their independence and dignity as they age.

The Role of Homecare Software

ClearCare’s powerful homecare system and homecare software have been designed to aid seniors and their caregivers in a variety of ways. Sustaining a regular schedule is very important in order for elderly ones to feel a sense of security. ClearCare’s homecare software is the industry’s leading tool for regulating caregiver schedules and punctuality.

Experts agree that establishing a consistent pattern of daily events is essential for maintaining a feeling of control. Creating a reliable routine is easy with a homecare system. Caregivers and turn to web-based homecare software like ClearCare for daily reminders such as:

  • Meal times
  • Medication schedules and dosages
  • Exercise or physical activities
  • Doctor appointments
  • Sleep habits
  • Social engagements

A homecare system also instructs caregivers which daily tasks the senior prefers to handle on their own. This affords the elder dignity and prevents awkward situations that may have otherwise resulted. Relying on home care also helps seniors feel less reliant on family members, alleviating stress and strained relationships.

As more elderly persons choose to remain living at home as they age, it will become even more imperative for home care agencies to utilize a dependable homecare system which allows their clients to maintain a sense of control and independence.

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