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Improving Organization for Agency Administrators

imagesWith so many new home care agencies cropping up every day, agency administrators need every competitive edge they can get. Of course this means offering stellar service and running an efficient business; however many administrators lose sight of the fact that these efforts take real organization. Most busy administrators recognize that good use of time is important, but falter when it comes to actually putting it into practice. Good organization helps administrators work smarter, not harder. With an intuitive homecare system or homecare software such as ClearCare Online, organization and efficiency is easier than ever.

Homecare Software Improves Organization

The more organized you are, the more work you can accomplish. Utilizing a homecare system that addresses the administrative, clinical, and financial needs of your homecare agency enhances your efficiency by keeping all your information in one secure location. Going paperless frees up office space and gives you more control over the information you keep and store. Let’s discuss a few other ways ClearCare Online’s homecare system and homecare software can help you be more organized.

  1. Easily access your caregiver records, licenses, certifications, and care logs. Starting with the hiring process, administrators handle a lot caregiver paperwork. Filing all this in printed form not only takes up space, but is difficult to access – especially when you’re in a hurry. Paper care journals are often misplaced or incomplete. Avoid the clutter and confusion of too much paperwork with electronic records that are 100% secure and accessible with just the click of a mouse. ClearCare Online’s homecare system alerts you automatically when caregiver certifications are expiring so there is no need to constantly hunt for these important dates in overstuffed file folders.
  2. Troubleshoot problems quickly. Your business is built on a solid reputation of quality care. This involves correcting problems as soon as they arise – or even before if possible. With ClearCare Online’s sophisticated scheduling system, you’ll avoid many of mistakes common to home care agencies – such as double booking your caregivers. An organized “live-view” interface is another helpful feature of ClearCare Online’s homecare software, and helps you see where your caregivers are at all times. If a caregiver has not clocked into her shift, you will be alerted so that you can make alternative arrangements, as well as send a direct message to the caregiver.
  3. Quickly process billing and payroll. For your homecare software to work for you, it needs to be fully functional in all aspects of home care management – including billing and payroll. With ClearCare’s homecare system, agency administrators can review past shifts, make corrections, and add completed care logs all on the same page. With seamless QuickBooks integration, administrators can process their accounting in fewer steps and keep more organized records.

Staying more organized gives you the ability to make smarter business decisions, spend your time more wisely, and take your business to the next level. What other recommendations do you have for keeping organized? Drop us a note and join the discussion!

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