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Jamaica Helping Seniors Control Online Activity

images-16To children born today the internet is as normal as the sun rising each morning. However, for seniors, who were born in a time when even color television didn’t exist, the idea of exchanging information via the information superhighway can be frightening. A new program in the country of Jamaica is helping seniors learn more about online security, computer safety settings and how to safely use online applications to enrich their lives with computers.

The LIVE Program, put on my JN Financial Service Centre was recently highlighted in an article published by the Jamaica Observer. The goal of the program is to help seniors learn to best manage their internet usage and learn to utilize the center’s online banking portal to efficiently manage finances – especially for seniors who may need transportation assistance.

Internet Can be a Helpful Tool for Seniors
While the internet can be intimidating at first glance, with a little guidance, seniors can find a wealth of information and assistance available online. Aside from being able to manage finances and connect with friends, seniors who work with a home care agency that uses a home care software or home care system like ClearCare Online, may find the internet to be an invaluable tool.

Here’s how: ClearCare Online’s home care software and home care system offers agencies the ability to grant their clients a log-in to a unique “Family Room” portal. Here, seniors can view schedules in the home care software, past care logs within the home care system and even copies of invoices. While this tool is nice for seniors receiving private duty care to access, home care software access from a home care agency can be especially beneficial for seniors whose spouse receives care.

With secure online access to a home care software portal, like that offered by ClearCare Online, seniors can see exactly when shifts are scheduled, when caregivers arrived and left, as well as view and hear comments left by home care workers on the condition of their loved one. All this information becomes instantly available with the power of the internet and a home care system that helps foster agency transparency.

The old way, a wife may have had to call and wait for a return message or a copy of a written care log weeks later from the home care agency caring for her husband while she takes respite. But with a home care software like ClearCare Online, and a little powerful knowledge about how to safely navigate the internet, seniors are empowered to gain instant access to vital information about their own care and that of the ones they love.

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