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Japan Using Robots in Elder Care

home care softwareA recent article in PC World highlighted Japan’s beginning use of robots in elder care. Imagine, for a moment, if rather than sending a caregiver to care for your elderly clients, you became the master of a fleet of robots programmed to assist clients with their activities of daily living. Seats loaded with sensors would be able to tell when seniors sat, and how their weight was distributed to monitor their movement around the house and robots would assist with working appliances and providing “companionship.”

While Japan looks for electronic solutions of the robotic kind to deal with one of the oldest populations in the world, much of the American solution to an increased need for elder care is centered around the expanded availability of human companions providing in-home care.

The human touch, personality and presence is an undoubtedly unique set of features that allow people to be extraordinarily compassionate and skilled caregivers. However, the integration of some technology can have a major positive impact on the efficiency of in-home care.

Homecare Software Offers A Human Integrated Solution
One technology that is affordable and accessible to home care agencies employing human caregivers is a homecare software or homecare system that assists with management of business and caregiver functions.

For example, while a robot may be programmed to complete a specific set of daily tasks, with a homecare software or homecare system like ClearCare, agency administrators can update tasks for caregivers in the field in real time. And with telephony and mobile accessibility as part of the homecare system, caregivers are able to easily retrieve these care task updates from the homecare software in a matter of moments.

Additionally, a homecare software and homecare system like ClearCare allows for partial automation of internal agency tasks like billing and payroll, making these processes faster and less costly for agencies. Not to mention, human caregiver management becomes easier with applications, caregiver information and time sheets all tracked within a homecare software system.

While ClearCare’s homecare software may not be able to bring you your coffee, with the power of our homecare system you’ll be able to provide care to clients with a uniquely human touch - and have the time to get your coffee on your own!

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