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Know Thy Customer: The 3 Pieces of Information Family Caregivers Want Most

family caregiverInside of our last posts, we’ve discussed the importance of knowing the top concerns of family caregivers. By understanding what has your client families worried when they’re away from their elderly loved one, your agency is able to better tailor your services to address worries that may otherwise cause caregivers to avoid the use of professional in-home elder care.

However, even though your may have implemented processes to ensure that the top concerns of family caregivers are addressed, it is still important to keep your client families “in the loop.” Typically, caregivers want to feel as though they know the details of what is going on while they’re away. This information may be important to share with medical providers, adjust schedules or simply provide peace of mind that elderly loved ones are receiving adequate attention from professional in-home caregivers.

In an effort to better understand the communication desired by in-home care consumers, ClearCare asked 100 individuals paying for in-home care for a loved one: What are the 3 most important pieces of information you’d like to receive from your in-home care provider? Here’s what we found:

1. Updates on general health and wellbeing: 68% of survey respondents expressed a desire to have access to information that would summarize the overall health, mood and status of an elderly loved one. Families want to be made aware if a senior is having a particularly good day, or if they perhaps seem more lethargic than usual.

2. Nutritional Reporting: Caregivers are more than concerned about elderly family members eating enough, and eating a well balanced diet. 46% of family caregivers told ClearCare that they would like to know when their loved one ate, approximately how much, and what was on the menu.

3. Daily Activity Logs: 29% of caregivers surveyed wanted to know what the professional caregiver had done during each shift, as well as what activities the elderly client was engaged in. Family members want to know that they’re essentially getting their money’s worth, with productive care schedules and mentally stimulating interaction for their loved one.

Followed up by the top three desired pieces of information were:

- Medication Schedules, with 22% of respondents citing a need to know when, and what medications were taken.

- Hygiene, where 15% of family caregivers wanted to be made aware of whether or not bathing and personal grooming occurred.

- Feedback from the Client, with 14% of survey takers wanting to know about any notable comments or complaints made by the elderly individual receiving care. Did they mention not feeling well? Wanting to go to the doctor? Or, perhaps, about how great they felt that day?

Smaller percentages of survey respondents also noted a desire to know about sleep patterns, caregiver hours, housekeeping tasks that had been completed, any visitors to the home or new employees that may be providing care in the home.

The solution:
While personally checking in with every client family at the end of each shift to provide them with the above mentioned updates is unrealistic; ClearCare makes it possible. Via our revolutionary homecare software system, caregivers are provided with a customized care plan for each client that will require them to report on the information vital to each family by checking in after each task in a care plan is completed. Status check-ins, and recorded or written explanations for missed tasks, are immediately available to care managers and family caregivers; giving you the power to manage from afar and providing priceless peace of mind to your client families.

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