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Long Term Elder Care Costs Spiked in 2012

elder care costsThe golden years are meant to be spent relaxing in the comfort of your own home, spending time with grandchildren, and playing golf. Unfortunately, the recession and housing crisis have delayed retirement, while rising long-term care costs have caused many seniors and their families to suffer financially.

A recent MetLife study showed that nursing home and assisted living care costs are on the rise. The national average daily rate for a nursing home room has increased by approximately $10, while the monthly base rate for assisted living communities has increased by $100. While these increases may not be overly significant now, it’s only been a year. We can’t predict the future, but consider what this trend might mean in five or ten years.

Planning Ahead for Elder Care

Many families are not actually aware of the various senior care options, as most internet searches are for “nursing homes.” This disconnect between public perception and individual senior needs shows how important elder care education is. Learning about the different choices out there, such as in-home care, personal care, and homecare software will help seniors make better decisions.

Smart retirement planning is more important than ever before. With long-term care on the rise, it makes sound financial sense to compare costs and plan ahead. Researching the different options that are available and checking out consumer reviews for home care agencies and homecare software will arm you with the knowledge you need to create a sensible elder care plan.

Age in Place at Home with the Help of a Homecare System

With nursing home and assisted living costs increasing, many seniors are considering the value of home care. Not only does this option save families money, research has proven that elderly ones fare better when allowed to maintain their dignity and independence by living at home. This is being achieved by more seniors than ever since the development of the innovative home care system – such as that provided by ClearCare.

With the help of a homecare system and homecare software, the elderly and disabled are able to remain in the comfort of their own home. Qualified caregivers are matched to each client using a reliable homecare system, such as ClearCare, so the appropriate level of care is always being provided.

Families that work with a reputable home care agency enjoy many benefits that are not always possible with other care settings, such as:

  • Unrestricted visiting hours
  • Real-time visibility to point-of-care with homecare software from ClearCare
  • Familiarity with one caregiver, rather than several that change every shift
  • Enhanced communication between care team using the homecare system

If the increase in long-term senior care costs has your family concerned, now is the time to take proactive steps and establish your elder care plan. Make ClearCare’s homecare software and homecare software a part of your plan for a safe and healthy future.

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