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Looking Good Can Help Keep Seniors Feeling Good

senior beautyFor nearly 30 years, 94-year old Ada has spent every Tuesday at the salon getting her hair washed, dried and set in curls. The weekly ritual has become an integral part of her routine, giving her an hour of pampering to look forward to, and always leaving her feeling renewed when she heads back home. However, Ada recently decided with her children that it was time to quit driving due to her failing eyesight. Now, her hair appointments are in danger of becoming a thing of the past, as her children all work during her normal appointment and Ada’s not comfortable riding public transportation.

Seniors like Ada can greatly benefit from a little time spent on themselves. While something like a refreshed hair style, or touch of lipstick can seem insignificant in the midst of no longer driving, aches and pains associated with aging, or serious illness, paying a little special attention to looking good can often also keep seniors feeling good!

Beauty Options for the Elderly:
For many seniors, driving to an off-site salon can be difficult to accomplish on their own. However, there are options! A homecare agency that provides transportation services can help provide not only a ride, but also a companion caregiver to accompany seniors on their “beauty routines.” By hiring a homecare agency that utilizes a comprehensive homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare, seniors and their families can easily work special beauty regimens into a homecare routine.

Besides visiting a salon, some hairdressers also provide mobile services, which are available to come to a senior’s home to spruce up their look. Homecare software, or a note in an agency’s homecare system can remind caregivers to help seniors prepare for these special visits, while homecare software can also be used to leave comments on a senior’s experience and change in mood after this special time. While a haircut can be a mood booster for both male and female individuals, female seniors may also enjoy a quick makeup makeover in preparation for a lunch out with family or their caregiver.

In the midst of worrying about losing independence and trying to age with grace as they desperately hang on to their sense of normalcy, special attempts to help seniors keep up their appearance can also help them keep up their mood. Imagine how good you feel after a haircut or when you’re dressed up for a night on the town; now imagine how special that feeling could be for a senior whose often cooped up in their home.

Everyday Feel Good & Look Good Routines
Senior beauty and personal care doesn’t always have to mean a trip to the salon. Caregivers can use task reminders in their homecare system or homecare software to keep track of daily routines like picking out a favorite outfit with seniors, or helping an elderly client fix her hair for the day. Additionally, homecare software or a robust homecare system, like ClearCare, can be used by caregivers to leave general comments about how a senior is feeling in regards to their personal care routine. Minor tasks, like a daily hair care or face routine can have a surprising impact on how a person feels about themselves – at any age!

All seniors mentioned in this post are fictional.

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