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Maintaining Friendships in The Golden Years

senior friendsSocial interaction is an important part of individual wellbeing at any stage of life. From the time we enter school and run to the playground in search of our friends, to days we look forward to an adult evening out with friends in later years, having friendships is a fulfilling part of life. However, many seniors find themselves losing touch with friends as their living situations, mobility and transportation options change during post-retirement years.

While it can be easy to fall out of touch with friends in the wake of a loss of a spouse, major medical event, or loss of driving abilities, maintaining connections can help boost morale and provide seniors with an important sense of community amongst their peers. Undoubtedly, maintaining friendships in the later years of life can be difficult, however, the assistance of an in-home care agency, especially one utilizing a home care software or home care system to manage their business, can help keep seniors in touch with the special people in their lives.
How Home Care Software Can Help Foster Senior Friendships
Driving to meet a friend for lunch, or picking up the house to invite an old friend over for coffee seemed like an insurmountable task to Rose, an 84-year old woman who lost her husband last fall and recently relented that her eyesight is no longer good enough to drive herself. Since her changes in lifestyle, she’s barely seen Martha, a friend of nearly 40 years who has herself experienced medical and personal strife recently.

However, with the assistance of a caregiver armed with a home care software, or home care system, such as ClearCare, seniors like Rose can get a helping hand in keeping their friendships strong. For example, light housekeeping can be scheduled as a task for Rose’s caregiver within the home care software or home care system she uses – allowing Rose to feel comfortable with her home’s appearance and opening the door to invite friends over for a visit.

Or, if an afternoon out is more appealing, transportation tasks scheduled within a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, can ensure that caregivers are available to drive seniors to a meet-up with friends. Even more importantly, the home care system can help administrators match clients with caregivers who have the certifications to drive – so that a senior’s specific needs for assistance and transportation are met.

Maintaining friendships can be difficult at any age, but for seniors facing the fear of isolation, home care software combined with the help of a competent caregiver, can help seniors keep their friendships alive.

All characters in this blog are fictional.

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